Here’s A List Of All The Appalling Things Republican Lawmakers Have Said About Rape [Opinion]

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The country stands divided.

With a number of states pushing anti-abortion bills in an effort to galvanize the cultural debates surrounding freedom of choice, Americans appear to be largely divided on the matter. While polls have shown millennials and Democrats overwhelmingly support a woman’s right to choose, Republican voters and lawmakers stand on the other side of the aisle. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia have all recently introduced or passed highly restrictive bills which would make it illegal for women to abort.

Critics have expressed outrage at the configuration of some of those bills. For example, the Georgia bill would make it mandatory for a female child who has been raped to carry the rapist’s child to term. This has understandably not gone down well with a large percentage of the American population, with Republican lawmakers who have introduced and passed the bills at the center of attacks from pro-choice activists.

But if one thought that the idea of rape would at least be too appalling for conservatives, that person would be mistaken. Some Republican lawmakers have a history of making light of the act of rape in the past, and when viewed through the prism of their statements, one could see why they would so vehemently be against the freedom of women to choose. Their disregard for women and their bodies is blatant and utterly revolting.

Here is a list of a few instances where Republican lawmakers have expressed disgusting opinions on rape.

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The graphic presented above first went viral a few years ago, and Snopes subsequently verified the veracity of the statements made by the Republican lawmakers. The fact-checking site concluded that all the things attributed to the Republican lawmakers mentioned here were indeed said by them. Although some of them, like Clayton Williams, later apologized for their insensitive remarks about rape, it did little to comfort the victims of the grotesque act.

Now, with the country once again on the crossroads with regards to abortion, the graphic is going viral again. While on the one hand it completely destroys the argument that Republican lawmakers hold life sacred as they purport to do with their anti-abortion stance, it also shows the utter disregard and contempt some of them have for women and their bodies. The fact that one of the disgusting things mentioned here about rape has been said by a woman, Jodie Laubenberg, is all the more repelling.