NFL News: ESPN’s 8-Win Projection For The Dallas Cowboys In 2019 Seen As ‘A Joke’ [Opinion]

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

The 2019 NFL regular season is still more than three months away, but fan already believe they know how things will go. Most have the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints facing off in the Super Bowl. Some feel as if the Cleveland Browns will shock everyone. There are even those who believe the Dallas Cowboys will regress and have a mere .500 season, and a lot of others think that is straight-up laughable.

The mad rush of the start of the NFL free agent period has come and gone, but there are still a few big names unsigned out there. Rookie minicamps have started for a number of teams and before anyone realizes it, mid-summer will be here and training camps will be underway.

ESPN decided to reveal their predictions for the 2019 season and some of them seem quite feasible and realistic. Others are quite the stretch and appear to be nothing more than adding a touch of drama to what will already be a fantastic season in the NFL.

The report from ESPN predicted the playoff chances for all 32 teams and the possible number of wins for the 2019 season. According to all of their research and calculations, the Dallas Cowboys will end up with a mere 8.4 victories this season, and it has not set well with fans in Texas.

Along with those predicted 8.4 wins this season, the Dallas Cowboys also have only a 2 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl. That goes along with a 31 percent chance of winning their division and 44 percent chance of reaching the playoffs.

If everything goes as ESPN is predicting, they will end up with an 8-8 record and tied with the Seattle Seahawks for eighth best record in the NFC. That will also result in them being left out of the playoffs by a pretty wide margin, but will they really be that bad?

The Landry Hat believes that these predictions aren’t just laughable, but that they are actually a very “bad joke.” The Cowboys have won nine or more games in each of the last five seasons while continuing to be a threat in the NFC, but they’ve never quite got over the playoff hump.

Dallas has Dak Prescott returning at quarterback and a healthy Amari Cooper with his first full season with the team. Jason Witten is coming out of retirement to play tight end again for the Cowboys and give Prescott another weapon to go to with his receiving corps, and Ezekiel Elliott is still at running back.

The Cowboys also have a rather strong defense, which bailed them out of tight situations a number of times last year.

The Dallas Cowboys may not be one of the most favored or liked teams in the NFL, but they have to be respected for their talent. It’s hard to deny that they are very qualified to go far each season based on the players they have on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. ESPN may have a team of experts who can come up with predictions, but it’s hard to believe that the Cowboys will be as bad as they’re saying.