Chris Farley’s Top 5 Funniest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches Of All Time [Opinion]

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As many may have witnessed on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler returned to his old stomping grounds for the first time as a host. The Inquisitr reported that it had been 24 years since he was fired from the series, and he brought forth a show filled with a lot of laughs and memories. The most tear-jerking of them all was a love-filled song for his friend Chris Farley, which made many remember just how many laughs the late comic brought forth.

Chris Farley’s memory will forever live on in the hilarious movies he was in, such as Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Airheads, and many more. Still, it was his time on the sketch comedy show which really showcased his hilarity and range of comedic genius.

It’s time to check out the top five funniest Chris Farley sketches during his time on SNL.

Matt Foley – Motivational Speaker

If you’ve ever heard someone ask you if you want to live in a “van down by the river” and not understood their reference, you need to watch more old episodes of SNL. In the sketch, Farley plays Matt Foley, who tries to teach “kids” David Spade and Christina Applegate a lesson about doing good things in life.

Chris Farley shined as Matt Foley, the motivational speaker on "SNL."
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Gap Girls

While Charles Barkley and Rob Schneider stood out and shined in this sketch at times, it was the Valley Girls of Chris Farley, David Spade, and Adam Sandler who were the stars. While the girls appeared a number of times in different sketches, the one in the food court is a true classic.

All you have to do is just watch Adam Sandler try to contain his laughter when Farley begins eating some of Spade’s fries and simply loses it. When he belts out, “Lay off me, I’m starving,” it’s a moment that makes it hard to maintain your composure.

Bill Swerski’s Super Fans – Da Bears and Da Bulls

Farley wasn’t the only one in this sketch and everyone involved was a pure genius on the Saturday Night Live staple, but one always stood out. As the Chicago super fans would support their iconic sports teams, leave it to Farley to fake a heart attack and dance around in a grass skirt.

The Chris Farley Show

This was a skit that happened three separate times, but each of them was completely fantastic. Farley would essentially be himself and interview famous celebrities. The first interview was with Jeff Daniels, the second was with Martin Scorsese, but the best of the three is the final interview with Paul McCartney.

Chippendales dance-off with Patrick Swayze

If you ever showed up to get a job as a Chippendales dancer and Patrick Swayze was the only other candidate, you’d likely walk out. Farley and Swayze showed off their dance moves to see who would get the job, and it ultimately went to Swayze in a scene that brought a lot of laughter but also a lot of pain.

Gawker reported years ago that Chris Rock believes the “Chippendales” sketch is one of the things that killed Chris Farley and led to his death by drug overdose. Rock even said that the joke of the whole thing was “We can’t hire you because you’re fat,” and that it was “just f***ing mean.”

Some other SNL classics from Chris Farley that you need to look up are:

  • Schmitt’s Gay
  • The Japanese Game Show
  • Lunch Lady Land
  • Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals