‘One Punch Man’ Season 2, Episode 5 Spoilers: Saitama Versus Garou 2 Happening At Super Fight 22 [Opinion]


One Punch Man Season 2 introduced Saitama’s newest nemesis, Garou, who calls himself the “Human Monster.” Garou is a former disciple of Class-S Rank 3 hero Silver Fang, but he was kicked out of the dojo after going on a rampage. With how he easily defeated several Class-S and Class-A heroes, some people thought that Garou really had a chance of beating Saitama.

Unfortunately, in their first encounter at One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 3, Saitama knocked out Garou with one chop on his shoulder. However, there are some who believe that Garou is yet to unleash his full potential, and when his transformation to a monster is complete, he could at least give Saitama an interesting fight. The latest episode of One Punch Man hinted at the potential rematch between Saitama and Garou.

After learning about the 3 million prize money, Saitama decided to participate in the Super Fight 22 tournament. However, since he’s not a member of any of the acknowledged dojo, Saitama disguised himself as Charanko using the wig he bought at the market where he first met Garou. In the location of the tournament, Saitama encountered Sourface, another participant in the Super Fight 22 tournament who is also a former disciple of Silver Fang.

One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 4 revealed that Garou was the champion of the Super Fight 21 tournament. Like Saitama, Garou also used a disguise by stealing the headgear of Wolfman. After learning Wolfman’s real identity, the officials decided to change the rules for the Super Fight 22 tournament.

“Because of that, registration under an alias and use of headwear became strictly banned,” Sourface said, as quoted by Comic Book. “You lied about your fighting style…that might be a gray area.”

Despite the stricter rules, Sourface believes that Garou will find a way to participate in the Super Fight 22 tournament, making his rematch with Saitama likely to happen sooner than later. Once he sees Saitama again, Garou could finally remember what happened when he lost his consciousness at the market. In their second faceoff, Garou is expected to go all out and do everything he can to have his revenge against Saitama.

Most people will definitely be shocked when they see Saitama fight, but his incredible power may also be the reason why he will be disqualified in the Super Fight 22 tournament. During their conversation, Sourface told Saitama what will happen if the officials find out that he lied about his true identity.

“You’d be banned for life,” Sourface said. “And after the incident, you’ll probably be sued and hit with a heavy fine as well. Might even be arrested.”

The punishment may force Saitama to withdraw from the Super Fight 22 tournament. However, one way or another, Saitama and Garou are likely to face each other again on the battlefield.