WWE Rumors: CM Punk Returned To Wrestling, But Will He Return To WWE? Sign With AEW? [Opinion]


There is big news happening with WWE, All Elite Wrestling, and numerous other promotions around the world, but all eyes are currently on MKE Wrestling. Over the weekend, MKE had an event which included the in-ring return of CM Punk, as reported by The Inquisitr, and people absolutely lost their minds. Now, fans are wondering if he has given up the UFC/MMA dream and possibly heading back to WWE for a return or signing with All Elite Wrestling.

When Punk showed up at the MKE Wrestling event, word spread quickly on social media but some were confused. A masked man interfered in a match and ended up delivering the GTS (Go To Sleep) to Daryck St. Holmes, which helped Ace Steele win the match.

Of course, the man was in a mask, but the use of the GTS is something that automatically had people thinking it was Punk. Soon after the run-in, other proof started popping up online and that included the masked man and Punk being seen in the exact same sweatshirt on the very same day.

Wrestling Inc. did confirm that the wrestler in the mask was CM Punk and further plans were in place for him to unmask, but that never happened. The situation was very interesting, though, and it started a lot of people talking, thinking, and wondering what could be next for the former WWE Champion.

CM Punk has said numerous times in the past that he was done with wrestling and had moved onto the next chapter of his life and that was MMA. After two losses in two fights in UFC, it doesn’t really seem as if he may ever fight again for that promotion, but there are others out there.

Still, Punk hasn’t really said much of his future in the octagon or the ring. He did sign with Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) in November to work as a commentator, but it’s hard to believe he is done fighting or wrestling in every capacity.

Could this lead to CM Punk returning to WWE?

There was some very bad blood between CM Punk and WWE upon his departure from the company and retirement from wrestling. Things have changed a bit since that time, though, and that included Vince McMahon apologizing to Punk for how he was terminated from the company.

McMahon did say he was open to working with the former champ in the future, but Punk called the apology a “publicity stunt.”

It’s not like there haven’t been reconciliations between WWE and superstars in the past which allowed them to work together again. Jeff Jarrett, Honky Tonk Man, Ultimate Warrior, and many others have found their way back, and it’s not impossible for Punk to do the same.

CM Punk sits in the center of the ring as WWE Champion.
Featured image credit: WWE

Could CM Punk sign with All Elite Wrestling?

It is no secret that AEW is looking to make a big splash with signings such as Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Dustin Rhodes. The promotion also has a lot of money to spend with AEW President Tony Khan writing the checks, but would they even want CM Punk?

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that before anyone else at all, Tony Khan wanted to sign CM Punk.

“[CM Punk] was Tony Khan’s first pick for AEW. Before [Chris] Jericho, before the Young Bucks, before anyone. If he wants to wrestle, he can wrestle and make really good money, if that’s what he wants.”

The current talent on the AEW roster is going to be paid very well and The Inquisitr reported that Dean Ambrose was supposedly offered an insane seven-figure contract. CM Punk could make some very good money with a return to professional wrestling, but will he do it? His career in MMA may not be over entirely, but if he wants to be in the ring more often and active, wrestling is likely the best bet for him.

Now, does he go return to WWE, sign with AEW, or look elsewhere around the world?