Tyson Fury Insists He Will Get In The Ring Again With ‘Big Bum Dosser’ Deontay Wilder [Opinion]

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Tyson Fury has confirmed that the biggest rematch since Rocky Balboa went the distance with Apollo Creed is on the cards, and said it’s not a matter of “if” him and Deontay Wilder will go toe to toe again but “when.”

The Sun reports that the big brassy Brit is adamant the rematch will happen, but he stresses that he has no interest in it because he believes he won the first bout which was adjudged a draw.

To add insult to injury he also branded Wilder a “nobody” who “the world knows” lost their first fight back in December.

Fury’s contest against the WBC world heavyweight champ could have, would have, perhaps should have been a fairy-tale return to the ring for the Gypsy King. Despite being knocked down twice, Fury danced around and out-boxed Wilder for most of their bout but the officials thought otherwise and awarded a controversial draw.

An unbeaten Wilder has since hinted that he’s not willing to fight Fury again but the Gypsy King is taking a different tack and said it is inevitable that the two bruisers will square up again.

Asked when he thought the re-match will take place, Fury explained, “How soon do you call soon? Tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next year, it’s going to happen.”

“It was a great fight. Me and Wilder put on a good show so the fight’s got to happen, so sooner or later.”

No matter when the fight takes place, Fury believes he has already proved everything he needs to prove against Wilder. He claims the world has already watched him beat the champ and that, “his (Wilder’s) trainer left ringside before the decision got announced.”

“Deontay a nobody, let’s face it. He’s a nobody before he faced me and lost to me and he’s still a nobody so it is what it is. I’ve no interest talking about the bum. A big bum dosser that’s all he is,” said Fury.

Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury pictured at Morningside Arena on March 23, 2019 in Leicester, England.
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The Sun reports that in the first fight of Fury’s $150 million ESPN deal he will face relatively unknown fighter Tom Schwarz.

None other than Dillian Whyte has slammed the move and said Fury should be ashamed of himself for fighting someone who just doesn’t have his fighting ability.

Whyte pointed to the fact that Fury is one of the top four fighters in the world and Lineal heavyweight champion to boot, and he’s getting in the ring with someone who’s nowhere near his level.

Whyte asked, “You say you’ll fight anyone, any time, anywhere, why are you fighting Tom Schwarz?”