Victoria Baamonde Has A Great Chance Of Winning ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’ [Opinion]

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

The Lesu tribe has played such a bad game this season that fans of Survivor really haven’t had a chance to get to know the original Kama castaways. With a Survivor episode only being an hour long, there just isn’t enough time for the producers to squeeze time for of every castaway into each episode. So, the downside to a tribe doing really well is they don’t get a lot of screen time until they start losing or the merge occurs.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Survivor.

Victoria Baamonde was originally a member of the Kama tribe. She shifted to be a member of the Manu tribe, which was mostly Kama members with the exception of Wendy Diaz. This week, Victoria flaunted just how powerful of a player she was after approaching Eric and Gavin about getting Aubry out of the game before the merge.

The red headed castaway made it clear she was not interested in letting a returning player make it any further than needed and she certainly didn’t want to give Aubry or any other returning player a chance to win.

It was also Victoria who suggested that she approach Aubry and propose starting an alliance with her and Wendy to use her while she was still in the game to get one of the guys out before the merge. Victoria explained to the two males on her tribe that if she approached it from a “we need to kick the males before the merge because we can’t beat them” angle that she believed Aubry would be on board.

Victoria pitched a very convincing alliance to Aubry, who was itching for some sort of game play to not only move forward, but to protect her as well. Unfortunately, Victoria used just how eager Aubry was to make her so comfortable with Victoria that she didn’t use the idol or the advantage in her pocket. Feeling so confident and comfortable with her new alliance, Aubry ended up getting blindsided and voted out during the tribal council.

While she did exit, she applauded her tribe mates on playing a truly phenomenal game as she did not see it coming.

During her confessionals in this week’s episode, Victoria jested that her tribe mates were mistaken if they thought they could trust her as she would do anything and step on anyone if it meant winning the game. She admitted that she had no problem separating the game from her personal feelings and was ready to do what she needed to win.

Wendy Diaz, Victoria Baamonde, Gavin Whitson, and Eric Hafemann compete in Survivor challenge
Wendy Diaz, Victoria Baamonde, Gavin Whitson, and Eric HafemannFeatured image credit: Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Between her confessionals this week and the way she was able to mastermind Aubry’s blindside, Victoria has a spectacular chance of winning the game as long as people don’t catch on to how big of a threat she is.

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