Was Wendy Diaz Really Trying To Win ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’? [Opinion]

Timothy KuratekCBS Entertainment

Wendy Diaz is a baffling contestant on Season 38 of Survivor that caught a lot of attention last week after not wanting her tribe to kill and eat the chickens. In fact, Diaz went as far as letting the chickens go to save them from being slaughtered. Prior to the tribe swap separating David and Wendy, there was even a moment where he asked Diaz if she actually wanted to win the game because he just couldn’t understand her game play.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Watching Diaz play the game of Survivor has been a truly mysterious experience as she freed the chickens and stole the flint to prevent her tribe from killing and cooking them. What’s more confusing is the fact that her tribe members know she set the chickens free and they don’t seem to care very much.

During this week’s episode, Diaz was presented with an opportunity by Aubry and Victoria to go forward in the game by joining a female alliance and voting out one of the boys.

Aubry and Victoria approached Wendy and asked her what type of game was she hoping to play when she joined the cast of Survivor. Wendy shrugged off the question and informed the two females that she didn’t really know what type of game it was that she wanted to play because she hadn’t decided.

During tribal council, Jeff Probst even asked Diaz if she was having a hard time setting her personal feelings aside to play the game. Diaz acknowledged it was a very difficult thing to do before admitting that she wasn’t really sure if she had mastered it yet.

Between provoking her tribe, lacking any strategic game play, and letting the chickens go, Wendy shot herself in the foot when it came to the second tribal council. While there was a lot of whispering during the second tribal council this week, it appeared as if the Lesu tribe attempted to pull Wendy in and give her a chance to save herself.

Diaz was nothing but smiles when she was ultimately voted out during the tribal council. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to give Jeff a hug before exiting the game. During the tribal council, Diaz revealed she was just happy to have an opportunity to be a part of the Survivor experience.

Wendy, however, decided she still had some fight left in her somewhere as she also grabbed a torch and headed to the Edge of Extinction beach.

Fans who took to Twitter also seemed to agree that voting Wendy off the tribe made sense, as they also couldn’t understand her lack of game play.

Some also couldn’t help but slam Diaz for cheering about getting a cheeseburger after being so adamant about going vegan because she didn’t want her tribe to kill the chickens.

There were even a few fans that didn’t understand how Wendy got on the show to begin with.

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