‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 10 Spoilers: Is Son Goku Now Stronger Than Jiren? [Opinion]

Dash ToriyamaFlickr

Son Goku may have succeeded in helping Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power, but he still doesn’t have the title of the strongest mortal in all the universes. In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Hit was asked by Core Area Warriors leader Hearts who was the strongest mortal in all the universes. Hit refused to give an answer, but Hearts has the ability to read someone’s mind.

It was revealed that Hit considered Jiren as the strongest mortal and not Son Goku. Most Dragon Ball fans definitely agree with Hit’s assessment, but there’s a huge possibility that the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes has changed their way of thinking. After the Prison Planet exploded, Daishinkan revived Son Goku to train him and help them beat the Core Area Warriors, who are trying to kill Zeno-sama and rule the entire world.

Son Goku wasn’t gone for long, but his power has tremendously increased after undergoing intensive training with Daishinkan. In Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9, Son Goku and Daishinkan went to Universe 11 to save Vegeta, Trunks, Jiren, and Toppo from the Core Area Warriors. Unlike in his previous attempts, Son Goku can now use Ultra Instinct at his own will, which surprises everyone including his new master, Daishinkan.

After seeing Son Goku fight, Daishinkan decided to leave and let him handle all the enemies. While Jiren was having a hard time beating the Core Area Warriors, Son Goku easily defeated Oren, Kamin, and free Vegeta’s body from being controlled by the enemy. Son Goku may have only shown a few samples of the results of his training with Daishinkan, but there is a strong possibility that he has already surpassed Jiren as the strongest mortal in all universes.

In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Son Goku and Jiren are set to team up against the Core Area Warriors. It’s expected to give further information about Son Goku’s power and if he has already become a mortal stronger than the God of Destruction, like Jiren. Despite seeing Daishinkan and Son Goku, Core Area Warriors leader Hearts doesn’t seem to be worried at all, showing how confident he is that they can still accomplish their mission.

Hearts is yet to engage in a single battle, but he’s someone that shouldn’t be underestimated. As the leader of the Core Area Warriors, it is highly likely that Hearts is more powerful than Zamasu, Evil Cumber, Kamin, and Oren.