‘Shameless’ Season 9 Finale Didn’t Flesh Out Fiona’s Goodbyes Enough [Opinion]

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Any way you slice it, an hour isn’t nearly enough time to say goodbye to an important character such as Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum). Unfortunately, the writers of Shameless had just 56 minutes to pull together the Season 9 Finale and the final send-off for Rossum’s character.

The writers did a wonderful job giving Ian and Fiona a very powerful goodbye. They, however, missed the mark on giving Fiona the chance to say goodbye to everyone else in her family.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers.

There was so much going on in the Season 9 finale beyond Fiona leaving the show, that it really took away from there being enough time dedicated to her send off.

They had to spend time dealing with Frank (William H. Macy) being stuck on bed rest, they had to deal with the love triangle between Debbie, Kelly, and Carl, and they needed to deal with the bun in Tami’s oven.

Addressing all the other story lines going on with the other cast members took such a large chunk of the finale that it really did a lot of damage to the final moments with Emmy Rossum.

She had such a fulfilling and satisfying goodbye with her brother Ian that the goodbyes – or lack thereof – with everyone else just left fans wanting so much more.

Emmy Rossum exits the Shameless house
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More importantly, Liam was more like a child to Fiona than her brother. Fiona raised Liam since he was a baby. She had a very special and very beautiful bond with him. So, it was especially heartbreaking for Rossum’s character to walk away without saying goodbye to Liam. What made it even worse is Fiona hadn’t seen Liam or had any interaction with him in the last few episodes.

She sprung leaving on Lip and Debbie – which they clearly didn’t take well – and then bolted before telling them goodbye. There wasn’t any type of goodbye with her brother Carl, who she also raised from a pretty young age.

She also neglected to find time to say goodbye to her friends Veronica and Kevin.

While Fiona technically did have a goodbye with Frank before she walked out the door – and it was a very Frank-style conversation – it still left you wanting so much more.

Overall, the exit of Emmy Rossum felt rushed and certainly wasn’t as satisfying as the writers and some of the cast members made it out to be.

While Season 9 has concluded, Shameless has been renewed for Season 10.