Best Scene In ‘Shameless’ Finale Was Ian & Fiona’s Goodbye [Opinion]

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Fans of Shameless have been guarding their hearts during the entire course of Season 9 as they knew this was the final season for Emmy Rossum in the role of Fiona Gallagher.

Fiona was the oldest child of Frank (played by William H. Macy), but she was so much more than his child. She stepped in from the very beginning of the series – when she was just a teenager – to take on the role of a mother to her younger siblings. She picked up the slack and took care of things for her siblings when her father and mother were not there.

The series has progressed over the last nine seasons, and all her siblings have aged. In fact, there is only one sibling (Liam) who still requires some degree of guardianship. So, the timing was right for Rossum’s character to exit the show. It was time for her to stop living for her siblings and start living for herself.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from the finale.

The Season 9 finale left a bit of a bad taste in your mouth as Emmy’s character exited the show without the fulfilling goodbye to all her siblings that you’d expect. In fact, Fiona didn’t even say goodbye to Liam at all.

Arguably the best scene during the entire finale was the heartwarming goodbye between Ian and Fiona. The duo has always had a very special bond and Fiona made the decision to come to him first with her plans to leave the nest and fly away.

In fact, she told Ian she was testing the information on him to see what he thought about her leaving.

What Fiona did not expect was for Ian to be completely supportive of her and to tell her that she should get as far away as she could and never look back. He reassured his sister that she had done everything for her family for long enough and it was her time to shine.

While Noel Fisher wasn’t actually in the finale, they did manage to name drop his character as Ian joked about him getting stuck on laundry duty.

In the very last few minutes of the Season 9 finale, viewers watch as Ian is playing basketball in the prison courtyard when he stops to look up at a plane flying overhead with his sister getting away just like she said she wanted to.

While it is a little unrealistic that he could have known his sister was on that plane that just happened to be flying across the sky, it was still a very beautiful goodbye.

Several fans who have watched the Season 9 finale of Shameless agree that the Ian and Fiona scene was the best scene of the entire episode.

While Season 9 is over, the Showtime hit series has been confirmed for another season.