Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp Being Mocked By Everton Ballboy After Draw Has The Internet In Splits [Opinion]

Stu ForsterGetty Images

A few weeks ago, Liverpool could have opened up a 10-point gap at the top of the Premier League with title rivals Manchester City losing uncharacteristically at Newcastle. But a few weeks on, it is Liverpool who find themselves second-best having drawn four games of their last six in the league. And perhaps the worst part is, the latest draw came at Goodison Park, the home of their fiercest rivals — Everton.

Although Everton only managed to draw the game, the Everton faithful knew they had done enough to dent Liverpool’s title chances, as reported by Sky Sports. With Manchester City as their competitors for the title, there was little leeway for the Reds, and dropping two points at the home of their derby rivals might well come back to haunt them. It could be the pivotal point in Liverpool’s season where it all started to go wrong.

And to rub salt into Liverpool’s wounds, an Everton ballboy sarcastically clapped in the direction of Reds manager, Jurgen Klopp, as he walked away from the ground and into the tunnel. If one would have thought that the boy would stop clapping with Klopp facing him directly, that would have been a mistake as the kid clapped even more frantically — right in the manager’s face — finally leading Klopp to dismiss the whole affair with a smile.

The short video of the incident has been uploaded everywhere on the internet — and people cannot stop laughing at the kid’s discretion. Granted, it’s not the best way to behave in front of a club manager, but in sport sometimes passion overtakes everything else — and that is perhaps what social media cannot stop celebrating.

Meanwhile, Klopp knew he would face tough questions after his side dropped another two points in the Premier League. The pressure on Liverpool is particularly intense because they have often faltered in the last stages of the season despite looking like winning the league at one stage. And that is what Liverpool fans might be dreading this year as well. But Klopp is insistent that there are nine more matchdays to go — a lot of points to play for — and there is no reason for the heads to drop.

“We don’t play PlayStation. Do you think we didn’t take enough risks today? Bring on an extra attacker? Just to go wild, with nine matchdays left? Football is not like that. We don’t lose our nerve,” he said, according to a tweet from Melissa Reddy, correspondent for Football Joe.

And while that is absolutely true, we cannot help but feel that today was Everton’s — and the ballboy’s — day out in the sunshine.