‘One Piece’ Chapter 933 Spoilers, Predictions: Is Komurasaki Momonosuke’s Sister? [Opinion]

tofoli.douglasFlickr/Public Domain

The latest chapter of One Piece, which is currently available at Mangastream, mainly focused on the feast at Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s mansion. Courtesan Komurasaki, who is believed to be the most beautiful woman in Wano Country, is currently in huge trouble after she hit Shogun Orochi in the face to defend Toko. Most of the nobles urged Komurasaki to apologize and bend her knee.

Unfortunately, Komurasaki refused to kneel and doesn’t seem to be scared at all. She told the people in the banquet, including Shogun Orochi, that a daughter of a warrior like her doesn’t bend the knee for anyone. Komurasaki’s recent statements heated up the speculation about his connection with the Kozuki clan.

Since she first appeared in the One Piece manga, there were already various speculations that Komurasaki could be Kozuki Momonosuke’s sister, Hiyori. In a conversation with Tama, Momonosuke said that Hiyori is 26-years-old right now, if she is still alive. Momonosuke vowed to find Hiyori once they succeed in defeating Shogun Orochi, Emperor Kaido, and the Beast Pirates in the upcoming war.

“Yes, I do have a sister. If she is still alive, then she should be 26 now. Even though there are people who witnessed by mother’s death, I haven’t heard a thing about Hiyori’s death. That is why I believe that she is alive somewhere. If Orochi were to find out about Hiyori, then he would definitely target her. Our meeting can only happen once we win this war!!”

After Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido conspired to kill Oden and the entire Kozuki clan, Hiyori must have found a way to escape. While waiting for her brother and the Nine Red Scabbards to return in Wano Country, Hiyori might have decided to disguise herself as a courtesan. One Piece Chapter 933 could give more information about Komurasaki’s real identity and show how she could have escaped from the wrath of Shogun Orochi.

Based on the ending of One Piece Chapter 932, there is a possibility that chaos will start in Shogun Orochi’s mansion. Shogun Orochi has already transformed into a multi-headed dragon and was preparing to attack Komurasaki and Toko. Meanwhile, Kyoshiro, Komurasaki’s current boss, is also planning to make a move.

One Piece Chapter 933 could also reveal the fate of Nico Robin. Robin decided to enter Shogun Orochi’s mansion to gather information and search for the Poneglyphs. However, she was seen by the 11 ninjas who are serving Shogun Orochi. Using her devil fruit power, Robin managed to escape in their first encounter. However, the ninjas still found her when she returned to the feast.