‘Fox News’ Attempts To ‘Expose’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Backfires Hilariously [Opinion]

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The first-time Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, has been in the House for a little over a month, but she is already hated by the right-wing media for her outspoken views. As reported by the Inquisitr, the right-wing media has tried a number of methods to smear her ever since she was first elected. Those attempts include releasing a dance video from a few years ago, and more shockingly, releasing morphed images of her online.

Then, this week, a Republican councilman from Texas called her a “bimbo” for criticizing Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. The resulting blowback meant the councilman, a man named Scott Dunn, had to delete his Twitter account, but such antics by conservatives show just how threatened they feel by the New York Congresswoman and her deep-rooted commitment to restructure the American political system.

But despite her best efforts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been unable to impress everyone sitting across the aisle — especially the folks over at Fox News. The torch-bearers of right-wing media, not unlike conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro, have been obsessing over her over the last few weeks. Earlier this week, during a segment on Fox News, hosts attempted to “expose” AOC’s agenda. Listing out the various things she stands for, Fox News intended its viewers to see the dark side of the New York Congresswoman, but this attempt back-fired big time.

Screenshots from the segment were soon uploaded on social media, where users couldn’t resist chuckling about Fox News’s intentions. Almost everything that the broadcaster mentioned was not only common-sense, but polls have also shown that most Americans agree with her platform.

Among the things mentioned in AOC’s platform was “Medicare for all,” supporting women, LGBTQ, seniors, and immigration justice, among other things. The screenshot was uploaded on social media from Twitter to Reddit. The following screenshot is from the subreddit PoliticalHumor, where it went on to be upvoted 52,000 times.

Fox News "exposing" AOC from PoliticalHumor

Commenters were left bemused at what Fox News was trying to do with its attempts at “exposing” AOC. One commenter wondered why the right-wing media was “advertising” her, which got some explanation from another commenter.

“To many Fox viewers, a lot of these things are bad,” a commenter explained. “Why, I simply can’t explain. Mobilization against climate change, immigration justice, LGBTQIA+ support, are all seriously thought of as bad. I guess to them caring about one another and the world will be the undoing of us all.”