Is Bringing Cameron Monaghan Back To ‘Shameless’ A Mistake? [Opinion]

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Season 9 has been a real roller coaster of emotions for loyal fans of the Shameless series.

For starters, hearts were broken when we learned Emmy Rossum would be exiting her role as Fiona. Then, more hearts broke when Xan ditched Lip to return to her mom. Before fans could even begin to pick up those tiny shattered heart pieces, news broke that Cameron Monaghan would be exiting the show as Ian Gallagher as well.

Now, producers of the series did do a real fan service – and some serious damage control – when they brought Noel Fisher back for a guest appearance as Mickey to see the character Ian off in truly perfect and magical way.

Unfortunately, it is that same truly perfect ending that has a lot of Shameless fans questioning if bringing Monaghan back so soon for another season is really the best idea.

Will they just ignore the perfect ‘Gallavich’ end game?

When Cameron’s character exited the series, he entered his prison cell to find his former flame – Mickey – was his cellmate. This sent fans of the series swooning as the duo were coined long ago as the most popular couple in the series.

While the producers do have a few different options, only one of them would really satisfy the fans of the series.

What fans of the series want to happen is for Noel Fisher to come back as a cast member for Season 10 of the series as well so the duo can continue to explore the relationship. While the producers would likely be open to this, as John Wells has previously opened up about receiving death threats after the character exit, the decision would ultimately fall in Fisher’s lap.

Now, unless Noel decides to join the Season 10 cast, the producers will be forced to explain Mickey’s disappearance as Ian is reintroduced into the show and risk upsetting everyone.

One option would be to kill Mickey off in prison. This would be an unfortunate mistake on the producers’ parts as it would close the door on the character forever and upset a lot of the very passionate fan base.

So, Mickey would either need to get transferred to another prison or remain locked up after Ian gets out.

If Noel Fisher isn’t going to return to be a cast member in Season 10, the producers need to be careful about explaining why the character isn’t there in a way that leaves the door open for a return.

A brief appearance of Fisher being included with this explanation would likely go a long way in calming the waters with the fan base.

So, bringing Cameron Monaghan back into the show is probably not a mistake. But, it could be a mistake if they do not handle the way they bring his character back in after having such a beautiful exit in a very careful and respectful way with regards to “Gallavich.”