‘One Piece’ Chapter 931 Spoilers, Predictions: Is Kaido Scared Of Big Mom? [Opinion]

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When Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates escaped from Whole Cake Island, Emperor Big Mom called Emperor Kaido to ask for his cooperation in killing one of the members of the Worst Generation. Emperor Kaido refused Emperor Big Mom’s request and called her an “old hag.” Emperor Kaido even threatened to kill her once she enters Wano Country.

In the latest chapter of One Piece, which is currently available at Mangastream, Emperor Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates have finally reached the vicinity of Wano Country. They used the carps to lead them to the top of the waterfall which serves as the entrance to the country. After learning about Emperor Big Mom’s presence, Emperor Kaido immediately ordered his men to shoot cannonballs at their ship.

The cannonballs were easily deflected by the Big Mom Pirates, causing Emperor Kaido to panic. Luckily for Emperor Kaido, Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire appeared in his dragon form and hit the carps that were pulling the Queen Mama Chanter. Based on how he looked and acted in One Piece Chapter 930, Emperor Kaido doesn’t seem to be confident that he and the Beast Pirates can beat Emperor Big Mom and her crew.

After reading One Piece Chapter 930, some fans are wondering if Emperor Kaido is scared of Emperor Big Mom. Emperor Kaido may have the title as the “strongest creature in the world,” but even he knows that Emperor Big Mom is someone that shouldn’t be underestimated. As of now, it remains unknown what will happen to Emperor Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates after falling into the sea.

Emperor Big Mom and most of the crew are devil fruit users, making it harder for them to survive in the harsh sea current surrounding Wano Country. However, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is unlikely to let one of the most powerful antagonists in One Piece die that easily. The Big Mom Pirates will surely find a way to survive and resume infiltrating Wano Country.

It has been a while since One Piece fans have seen a clash between two Emperors of the Sea. The first was when the late Emperor Edward Newgate, popularly known as Whitebeard, and Emperor Shanks had a misunderstanding while talking about the late Portgas D. Ace. Their fight was so intense that the sky was divided in half.

With the arrival of Emperor Big Mom in Wano Country, it’s also intriguing to know what will be her role in the upcoming war between the Strawhat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates alliance. One Piece Chapter 931 is expected to be released next week and will be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.