Donald Trump Jr. Shares Transphobic Meme On Instagram, Gets Blown To Smithereens [Opinion]

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. has a troublesome history of making bizarrely offensive posts on his social media accounts. Not known for being the wittiest out there, Trump Jr.’s posts often betray his prejudices, as was evident in one of the first brazenly offensive post he made a couple of months before his father was elected president. In September of 2016, as discussed in a Bustle article at that time, Trump Jr. shared a picture of skittles and compared them to refugees. The picture drew him a lot of criticism, but that didn’t stop Don Jr. from continuing to spew his hurtful messages online.

Keeping up with the tradition, Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme on his Instagram showing a person with bright blue hair, blue lipstick, and red fingernails, according to People. The person, who is standing on the street, wears a furry coat dress, large boots, and a designer handbag. Along with the image, the message on the meme read thus: “No no, don’t tell me let me guess…Trump is not your president?”

Donald Trump Jr. wrote in the caption that he’d bet on that, and used multiple emojis.

Not surprisingly, Trump Jr.’s insensitive post immediately drew the attention of users online who accused him of being transphobic. The LGBT connotations of the image are pretty stark, and users refused to believe that Trump Jr. was not trying to be deliberately offensive about it.

“Are u against LGBT people?” wrote one user, to which Trump Jr. had a response.

“No, not at all and you can find plenty of evidence against that,” he retorted.

He hit back at other commenters, saying that people were criticizing his post for being transphobic when in fact it was not. He asked what was so “homophobic about this post?”

“Are you implying this person has to be LGBT without any knowledge? I guess you’re the one hiding your beliefs,” he wrote.

This is not the first time that Trump Jr.’s social media activities have betrayed a prejudice towards transgender people. In 2017, Trump Jr. was in the news for liking an incredibly offensive tweet about Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier who spent seven years in prison for releasing thousands of classified documents. He has also been a vehement supporter of his father’s policy of banning most transgender groups from serving in the military.

No matter what Donald Trump Jr. might say in his defense, his social media posts can be very offensive.