Did Elizabeth Warren Slap Her ‘Sweetie’s’ Butt While Swigging A Beer? [Opinion]

Alex WongGetty Images

Elizabeth Warren’s strange new video has a host of things worth talking about, according to the Daily Mail. The video captures Warren in her kitchen as she live-streamed a question and answer session with prospective voters via Instagram. She did this shortly after a press conference outside her home, one where she announced an exploratory committee for a presidential run.

Warren is at home, in her kitchen, looking about as comfortable as a person about to have their teeth extracted. It appears this video stream is Warren’s attempt at appealing to the regular folks of America.

Her first task in the video is to get a beer. After cracking it open, she takes a swig, one which is long enough to give the appearance of a genuine beer drinker.

Then, when her husband enters the picture, she suddenly becomes the alpha personality in the room. She appears to slap his butt a few times while complimenting her “sweetie.” Yes, her husband is her “sweetie,” according to Elizabeth Warren.

Let your imagination run wild for a minute. Put Donald Trump in Warren’s place in this same campaign ad. Can you imagine the outrage if Trump called Melania “sweetie,” with a beer in one hand — and then appeared to pat her on the rear-end with the other hand?

The disparaging tags he received across the various social media platforms would be too many to count. Never mind Donald Trump — put any man in Warren’s place.

How about Bernie Sanders, and his wife Jane? If this was Mitt Romney with Ann Romney, the masses would pounce. It wouldn’t matter what party the male candidate represented, outrage would ensue.

It is when Warren’s “sweetie” takes his leave, off camera, that Warren thanks him for “being here” in a bit that also sounds a bit off-kilter. Why thank your own husband for being in the kitchen?

Besides the rather odd physical contact between Warren and her husband, this uncomfortable display had the two making way too much out of a beer. First Warren announces that she is getting a beer. Then she offers her husband a beer. Then her husband tells her to enjoy her beer.

It sounded like they wanted to make sure that no one missed the fact that Elizabeth Warren was having — yep, you guessed it — a beer!

This play-acting — which is called “lame” by many today — is also deemed a “cringe-worthy” attempt at appealing to the younger voters. According to the Daily Wire, the internet didn’t take very kindly to Elizabeth Warren’s attempt at raking in the votes.

The Boston Herald reports Elizabeth Warren’s Instagram video “is being widely panned as inauthentic pandering, with some political operatives calling it a desperate effort to compete with young contenders.”

While most candidates want to appeal to the masses, this looks like Elizabeth Warren went a beer — and possibly a slap — too far. If Warren happened to see a campaign ad with a male candidate behaving the way she did with her spouse in this video, what would she likely say?

One can only imagine. But many folks online today agree with the Boston Herald‘s description of this attempt, “Elizabeth Warren Beer Video All Flat.”