Prince Harry Has Been Pretty ‘Grumpy’ Lately Amid All This So-Called Palace Drama, Say Sources [Opinion]

Chris Jackson - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince Harry may find that Father Christmas has left coal in his stocking if he doesn’t turn his frown upside down, as royal staffers close to the Duke say that he’s been in a “grumpy” mood lately, Cosmopolitan is reporting.

“Something has changed, and no one can quite put their finger on it. He looks cross with the world.”

As for why the Duke of Sussex has been so “cross,” the anonymous royal insider who provided the information thinks it has to do with Harry’s role compared to that of his brother, Prince William.

Supposedly, tradition holds that the monarch produces “an heir and a spare” – that is, one son or daughter to ultimately assume to role of the Sovereign, and another child in the unlikely event that the heir doesn’t live to fulfill his or her duties. Not for nothing, that supposed tradition is largely, as the British would say, “bollocks.” Prince Charles, who will someday be king, has three siblings, not one; similarly, his grandfather, King George VI, also had three siblings. Although to be fair, his mother, Queen Elizabeth, did indeed have only one sibling, Margaret.

History aside, the royal source says that Harry’s role as the “spare” is giving him angst.

“Harry doesn’t have his own structure like William, whose role [as the future king] is clear-cut and defined. Harry’s isn’t. [He and Meghan] want to do their own thing. And to do that, you need to be away sometimes.”

More bollocks; Harry is 34, and he and his brother have had plenty of time to reconcile their different places in the world with themselves and with each other.

In fact, this writer can think of several reasons why Harry might be “grumpy.”

Daddy Issues

The most pressing issue on his plate is fatherhood, considering that his wife, Meghan, is due in the spring. And although he’ll have the best nannies and pediatricians in the world at his disposal, the fact that he’s about to become a father is almost certainly weighing heavily on his mind.

Mommy Issues

There’s also the fact that the mother of his child – that is, Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex – can’t catch a break. If her family back home isn’t embarrassing her on a daily basis, she’s also constantly bedeviled by rumors that she and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, don’t get along. If that weren’t enough, she’s now being dragged by rumors suggesting that she’s further along in her pregnancy than she and Harry have been letting on, as the Sun reports.

Needless to say, Prince Harry has plenty to be “grumpy” about, although the idea that he’s mad because he doesn’t know who he is sounds a bit far-fetched, to say the least.