The Border Wall Won’t Work, But Trump’s Willing To Hold The Country Hostage Over It [Opinion]

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

“The Democrats now own the shutdown!” President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

The assertion made by the president, hours before a midnight funding deadline is set to be reached that would shut down the federal government, is not exactly true. Polling indicates that a majority of American citizens don’t believe that Democrats would be to blame if a shutdown occurred — just 31 percent believe that, in fact, according to polling conducted by Politico/Morning Consult.

Meanwhile, 41 percent say the blame would lie at Trump’s feet, while another 10 percent would solely blame Republicans for the shutdown.

The issue of whether we should fund the government or not is a pretty obvious one: Leaders in Congress absolutely should pass a funding measure that would keep the government open. It should not, however, include funding for a border wall, as Trump is demanding.

For starters, Americans don’t want new construction between the U.S. and Mexico to occur. According to a poll conducted by CBS News, 59 percent of Americans have said they oppose building such a wall — and that was even before the issue was tied to a potential government shutdown.

But would a wall even work? Consensus among the experts say, no, it wouldn’t. Even reporting from the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, points out that smugglers bringing undocumented immigrants into the country would still find a way to bypass the wall, and that many legal challenges could make it unfeasible. Weather could even destroy parts of the wall at some points at the border.

Most undocumented immigrants, in fact, do not enter the country in an illegal manner by passing the border in a way that a wall could stop. According to reporting from the Washington Post, the vast majority of undocumented immigrants in America come into the country legally and simply overstay their visas.

All of these reasons and more are demonstrative of why we shouldn’t build a border wall using billions of dollars, let alone tie a funding bill to keep the government open to such an issue. And yet, Trump is willing to do so in order to make good on one of his campaign promises.

Trump has even suggested that the Senate dissolve of the filibuster, which Republicans used beyond frequently when former President Barack Obama was in office, in order to get his way, per reporting from Fox News.

These drastic actions are absurd and downright reprehensible. They should be objected to, and a bipartisan effort in the Senate should reject any action that would grant Trump his wishes by undermining their right to full debate.

And just in case it wasn’t clear by now: The shutdown, if it does indeed happen, is entirely owned by Trump.