In Nevada, Being Dead Is Better Than Being A Democrat [Opinion]

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A lot of stories have come out of Election Day, but here’s one that many missed: Nevada voters would rather have a deceased pimp in office than a living Democrat. That’s not hyperbole, that’s actually what happened in the state earlier this month.

Dennis Hof won his election in the state in a landslide, despite the fact that he actually died in October. Hof is the well-known owner of the Love Ranch, and this establishment is exactly what you think it is.

Remember, prostitution is legal in Nevada. So whatever you imagine happens at the Love Ranch is probably true.

Hof died at his businesses last month, and still handily won his election against Democrat Lesia Romanov, the New York Post reports.

Polling sites prominently displayed posters explaining that Hof was, in fact, deceased — just in case any voters missed the wall-to-wall local news coverage of the event. But dead is, apparently, much easier to deal with than a Democrat.

Hof won the election for Nevada state assembly by a staggering 68.3 percent of the vote. He was found dead after a rally that included famous pornography star Ron Jeremy and infamous Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jeremy was the one who found the politician’s body after about a week of parties to celebrate Hof’s 72nd birthday.

So the big question is…what happens now?

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Despite what Nevada voters think, a dead man cannot fill a state assembly seat. Since the elected candidate is no longer living, the seat will remain vacant until the county commissioner appoints a new body to fill the seat.

And no, Hof’s opponent Lesia Romanov is not likely to be appointed to fill the spot. County officials are planning to appoint a Republican to the seat, according to Time.

Hof was a reality TV personality who styled himself as a Trump-like candidate in a political bid that clearly worked — albeit a little too late for the brothel owner to revel in his victory. He previously starred in HBO’s reality show “Cathouse.” He also wrote a book called “The Art of the Pimp,” a play on Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.”

Sports fans may remember Hof’s brothel as the place where NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015.

The take away from all this is clear. Pornography-loving older white male reality TV stars who spout the Republican agenda are far, far preferable to Democratic women…and now we have more than one election to prove it.