Cyber Monday Deals May Not Be Better Than Black Friday, But It Sure Is Easier [Opinion]

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The Black Friday sales have already started for 2018 and there are countless shoppers in stores or lining up outside and waiting for other discounts to kick in. They will brave the long hours, traffic, big crowds, shoving, cold weather, and everything that comes along with Black Friday in order to take advantage of the deals. Now, they do have another option that may not save them as much money, but Cyber Monday may help them keep their sanity.

A lot of people have started doing more of their holiday shopping online, but there are still a lot who love the thrill of the chase. It’s hard for some people to imagine enjoying the fighting and shoving and battling over Black Friday deals, but that’s all part of the fun for many.

Others? Well, they’d prefer to stay in their homes on Black Friday and be happy they aren’t on the news as part of the battles taking place in Walmart or the mall or Target. They can still partake in many of the Black Friday deals online, but not all of them.

For any of the deals they may end up missing out on, though, there will be new ones popping up for Cyber Monday. The two big shopping holidays are very similar, but the latter may honestly be the better option when choosing between the two.

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CNET actually brought forth the question wondering if Black Friday and Cyber Monday are actually different, and they are but they aren’t.

When breaking it all down, Black Friday will usually end up having more deals with some that are better and bigger. There are “doorbusters” which are only available to shoppers who are physically in the stores and they often don’t last very long either. These are usually the deals that end up bringing in the most shoppers and getting the stores filled early.

On Cyber Monday, there will be some deals that aren’t available on Black Friday or in stores, and some can be quite great. Those deals simply come with the extra added benefit of being able to get them while you’re in your pajamas and without leaving your house.

If you’re wanting to get the better deals, you’re likely going to want to partake in Black Friday and that means braving the crowds. If you’re alright with paying a little bit more on some things and want more convenience, Cyber Monday is going to be your thing. Both shopping holidays offer a lot for the experienced shopper, but it will be your research into the ads, deals, and bargains to see which one is right for you.