Samsung Confirms Big News About The Galaxy S10, Hopes You Will Forget About Notch And Headphone Jack [Opinion]

Someone forgot to turn off the faucet at the mobile division at Samsung. It is a good thing that the Galaxy S10 is waterproof, because details relating to it’s release have been leaking like a sieve. It is reasonable to believe that the leaks have been coming directly from Samsung. After all, the fall smartphone cycle belongs to Apple’s iPhone. When your competition is releasing new products and you aren’t, it may be prudent to leak details of upcoming products in order to reclaim some of the news cycle.

Unfortunately for Samsung, not all of the leaks have been good news, at least according to Samsung enthusiasts. With the Galaxy S10 expected in early 2019, gone will be the last major holdout on the twin issues of the notch and the headphone jack. The S10 is expected to gain one while losing the other.

Forbes suspects Samsung is flipping the script — and changing the narrative — by leaking massive upgrades for the CPU that will be driving the Galaxy S10.

“The headline news is the Exynos 9820 delivers a massive 40% increase in power efficiency and graphics performance compared to the Exynos 9810, which powers the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. It also has major connectivity upgrades with compatibility for 4G speeds up to 2Gbps (through carrier aggregation) and 4×4 MIMO for superfast WiFi. The Exynos 9820 has herculean camera performance as well, enabling the recording of 4K video at 150 frames per second (fps) in 10-bit colour. Currently, 60fps is the best any smartphone can manage.”

The processor upgrade could be perceived to be Samsung attempting to go after one of Apple’s core strengths. Right now — and for some time previously — Apple stands as the undisputed performance leader with regard to mobile processors. The iPhone XS with the A12 outperforms many laptops in benchmarks. The new iPad Pro puts it in range of the iMac Pro in some tests. Apple’s mobile chip lead seems insurmountable.

Samsung is taking a major step toward surmounting it. However, early tests show the Exynos 9820 will still fall short of the benchmark set by Apple’s A12. But it will make a bigger step in the right direction than any other gestures the South Korean tech firm has taken in the past.

Benchmark speed is an important talking point among tech geeks. But no one walks into a carrier store and asks for the fastest phone. That simply isn’t on the consumer checklist. Samsung had branded themselves as the company that would hang on to the headphone jack no matter what. Once that perceived advantage is lost, some Samsung loyalists might be tempted to cross-shop other top Android makers.