Meet The AR-15, The Human-Killing Machine That’s Legal For Most Every American To Own [Opinion]


James Eagan Holmes. Adam Lanza. Stephen Paddock. Robert Bowers.

These names, you’ll probably forget sooner rather than later. But they all have one thing in common: the deadly, disgusting AR-15.

It’s been called America’s most popular weapon, and maybe it is. But one thing is pretty clear: it’s the most popular weapon for mass shooters.

The AR-15 was used to kill 17 students and staff members in Parkland, Florida, in February of this year. It was employed to kill 20 children — aged 6 and 7 — at Sandy Hook in 2012. It’s responsible for killing 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in 2016. It helped one man carry out the country’s deadliest mass shooting in history when 58 people died in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. And it was used on Saturday to kill 11 people in a synagogue.

The AR-15 is built with the same specs as the M-16, which is issued to soldiers in the military.

According to the NRA, Americans own about 8 million AR-15s, USA Today reports.

And though they are commonly called “assault rifles,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation would prefer it if you call them “modern sporting rifles.”

What sport would that be, you might ask?

The NRA says it can be used for “sport shooting, hunting and self-defense.”

If an entire platoon comes at you, at that point you might need an AR-15 for self-defense. Otherwise, this much firepower is truly unnecessary.

These weapons are very easy to use and customize. Just about anyone can install various accessories to the AR-15, accessories like high-capacity magazines and trigger grips that make it easier to hold the gun at waist height.

Something you often need to do when hunting or defending one’s self.

In a majority of states, you can buy the AR-15 at the age of 18 — before it’s legal to go buy beer, according to The Guardian.

In most cases, it’s more difficult to buy a handgun than the AR-15. However, there are 28 states where there is no minimum age requirement for owning a rifle at all.

The AR-15 was built as a human-killing machine, sold by Colt to the military and then sold to civilians. It fires a lot of powerful rounds very quickly. It’s cheap. It’s easy to use.

It’s ridiculous. No civilian should ever own this weapon. It’s an overwhelmingly powerful hunting weapon and an unnecessary self-defense weapon.

The AR-15 was designed to be effective at killing people, and it’s very clear that this weapon has done its job many, many times over.