Trump Claims He Always Capitalizes The Word ‘Country’ If It’s About The USA — But That’s A Lie [Opinion]

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

It’s probably the least important fact check you’ll read about the president in the weeks to come. But on Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted out to his followers about the importance of capitalization.

Addressing his millions of followers — a majority of which, according to previous reporting from the Inquisitr, may not even be real themselves — Trump explained why he so frequently capitalized the word “country” in many of his tweets.

His reasoning? It’s all about which country he’s talking about.

“When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!” Trump explained in a tweet he made on Friday morning.

It’s probably a trivial thing to point out, but that doesn’t exactly fit in with what Trump has written in the past on his Twitter account. According to the Trump Twitter Archive, in just this past week alone Trump has sent out 12 tweets using the word “country” a total of 13 times, referring to subjects such as border policy, trade, and the economy of the nation while doing so.

Within those 13 occasions of writing the word out, Trump had used the word “Country,” the upper-case version he said he “always” uses, a total of seven times. The lower case “country” was used six times.

This probably doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. A lie like this won’t change policy, won’t affect people’s lives, and won’t rattle any cages in Washington D.C. over the weekend like, say, lying about his financial ties to Saudi Arabia during a tumultuous moment in history (when that government allegedly killed a dissident reporter), as Trump appears to be doing according to reporting from the Washington Post.

But the little lies like this do matter. They are indicative of the type of president that Trump appears to be: a person who, without sugarcoating it, likes to lie, around seven times daily to the American people according to reports published by CNN earlier this summer.

Perhaps because the lie is so minute, that’s what makes it more interesting. Trump doesn’t have to lie about this small, unimportant detail about his Twitter habits. No one seems to even care that he capitalizes certain words or not, aside from those few individuals who are interested in grammar.

But Trump does it anyway. He lied to us about the way in which he tweets — which, again, doesn’t mean all that much — but if he’s trying to sell us on something that small and insignificant, how can we trust him to be truthful with us on other subjects?