A Majority Of Americans Don’t Know What Causes Global Warming [Opinion]


Climate scientists have determined, with about 95 percent certainty, that human beings are responsible for the global warming that has been happening for the last 6 decades. Scientists agree across that board that since 1950, humans have caused 100 percent of the global warming that has occurred, the Guardian reports.

It’s what they call a consensus. The most studied and elite scientific minds the world agree that humans are responsible for climate change. And it’s climate change that is responsible for the overall warming of the Earth, which has created shrinking coastlines, more powerful and more devastating storms and natural disasters, drought and devastation.

However, it seems the average American person doesn’t agree with all those scientists, or have much awareness of what the scientists have to say about global warming. A Pew Research Center poll shows that only 48 percent of Americans understand that we, humans, have caused global warming.

Politics do play a part. According to the poll, around 79 percent of liberal Democrats understand what causes global warming. In contrast, only 15 percent of conservative Republicans also grasp this as a scientific fact.

But it’s impossible to let either party off the hook entirely. When asked if almost all climate scientists “agree that human behavior is mostly responsible for climate change,” only 27 percent of all Americans know that this is true.

A recent study shows that the U.S. Republican party is the only major political party in the entire world that completely denies the need to reverse, or at least stall, climate change.

A report was recently released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the future it reveals is very grim. The report says that humans have less than 25 years to make sweeping and drastic changes to reduce carbon emissions, Vox reports. And if we don’t?

Featured image credit: NASA

Then the changes will be irreversible, and we will all be on a runaway train toward doom. Cities will disappear, the world will experience food shortages on a massive level and tens of millions of people will begin to die.

Global emissions need to be cut by a whopping 45 percent, or the Earth hasn’t got much of a chance of continuing to sustain the current human population.

But if a majority of Americans cannot even accept the science that humans actually cause global warming, the chances that millions of Americans will band together to combat the effects of climate change don’t look too great. As of right now, however, there is still some hope.