WWE Is Bringing Back The Days Of The ‘Attitude Era’ — But Will It Help? [Opinion]


It was one of the most enjoyable times in professional wrestling for many, and most longtime fans can honestly say that the era of the “Monday Night Wars” may never be duplicated. The WWF/WWE “Attitude Era” is one that was extremely memorable due to the storylines, superstars, match types that came with it. After what happened on this week’s Monday Night Raw, it is now evident that the company may be looking for inspiration in that direction.

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw drew just 2.35 million viewers — which is the lowest rating in the history of the show. As reported by Sportskeeda, it was down 12 percent from the previous week and numbers dropped considerably after the first hour.

While the main event segment from this week wasn’t likely brought about by the low ratings, it is possible that it could be the reason that it closed the show.

For anyone who watched Monday Night Raw this week, it was a scene right out of the ’90s — and the WWF Attitude Era. Shawn Michaels ran his mouth in the ring and was attacked by the Brothers of Destruction (Kane, The Undertaker), only to be saved by his D-Generation X partner and friend Triple H.

wwe attitude era return wcw nitro monday night raw undertaker shawn michaels kane
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Anyone who watched wrestling during the Attitude Era knows that those four men ended many episodes of Monday Night Raw or SmackDown in the same fashion. Now, in 2018, the ring veterans are still closing out WWE’s flagship show en route to the WWE Super Show-Down this weekend.

Over the course of the past decade, stables and factions have been virtually nonexistent in WWE, but that isn’t the case any longer. The Shield recently reunited. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman have banded together to become the Dogs of War.

On SmackDown Live, The New Day is one of the top tag teams of all time — but they do have three members and technically constitute a faction. It’s possible that more stables could end up developing, stables being a huge staple of the Attitude Era.

Something else that was big during the “Monday Night Wars” was a reliance on managers — and they’re also making a comeback. Paul Heyman is still guiding Brock Lesnar, Lana is with Rusev, and Lio Rush has recently been set up to manage Bobby Lashley.

wwe attitude era return wcw nitro monday night raw undertaker shawn michaels kane
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When it comes to the “Monday Night Wars,” one may speculate whether WWE might ever consider creating their own competition again. As recently reported by Inquisitr, WWE recently filed trademarks for a number of old-school names, events, and concepts.

One of those trademarks was for the New World Order (nWo), which reinforces the idea that the WWE is interested in stables once again. Other trademarks filed were related to World Championship Wrestling, WCW Monday Nitro, Halloween Havoc, and WCW Thunder.

Sure, those trademarks could just be for video game releases or home video purposes — but it’s fun to play with the possibilities.