Meghan Markle Viciously Slammed For Innocently Closing A Car Door [Opinion]

Arthur Edwards - WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle sent royal watchers into overdrive yesterday with one simple gesture — the closing of a car door.

Admittedly the Duchess made it look effortlessly stylish but that wasn’t enough for some. Take the Daily Mail’s Janet Street-Porter for example. In a scathing column, Street-Porter criticized the “smiley mixed-race woman” for attempting to “finally drag the British monarchy into the 21st century.”

Street-Porter then attacked those “sycophants” who praised Markle for choosing to close her own door instead of leaving the task to the hired help.

The columnist then goes on to exploit an innocent — if not hugely symbolic — act of a key member of the royal family closing their own car door as an excuse to launch into the sort of vitriolic gymnastics for which, sadly, the Daily Mail has established quite the reputation.

Beneath a nasty banner headline which reads, “Sorry, Meghan it will take more than shutting a car door to persuade me you’re normal. Try changing a wheel, ” Street-Porter attacks the Duchess in a sort of uncivilized and no-holds barred fashion.

After she’s slammed Markle for the crime of closing a car door, the Daily Mail writer really goes for the jugular — and accuses the Duchess of not being “the trail-blazer we hoped.”

“Meghan says she’s a feminist who fights for women’s rights, but she signed away her chance to vote for our democracy. Maybe the chance to wear a procession of couture outfits costing thousands of pounds and live with a multi-millionaire made that bitter pill easier to swallow.

“Meghan wants other women to feel comfortable and be themselves, not conform to hackneyed stereotypes, but she needs to lead by real example, not car door handle moments.”

Street-Porter goes on to reveal that she also has a massive chip on her shoulder about the Duchess playing netball in high heels at an awards ceremony in Loughborough earlier this week.

“Playing netball in high heels at an awards ceremony in Loughborough this week was just plain daft.”

Criticizing another female for playing sport in the footwear of her choice hardly feels an empowering act of sisterhood on behalf of Street-Porter.

If the Duchess wants to work up a sweat whilst looking effortlessly chic — instead of waiting some horrendous tracksuit and shabby off-white trainers — then who are we to criticize?

The columnist also accuses the Duchess of projecting a “very narrow version of glamorous femininity.”

To which one wonders, who died and made Street-Porter Madame Vogue?