Maverick: Will The New ‘Top Gun’ Movie Be Worth The Wait? [Opinion]

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With news that the new Top Gun movie’s release date being delayed by a year, fans of Maverick and the original franchise have to be wondering if it’ll be with the wait

Top Gun was as much a part of the 80s as bad haircuts, ill-fitting clothes, and terrible music. The aviation classic was a Hollywood smash that inspired many a young man to join the armed forces in the hope of emulating Tom Cruise’s character — a cocky, pocket-sized, risk-taking wise guy who flies jets, rides bikes, makes out with hot blonde babes, takes no crap, and has a cool friend called Goose.

Maverick, as Tom Cruise is known in Top Gun, is the epitome of 80’s cool — self-absorbed, selfish, fickle, vain, insincere, macho, and compelled to act like a complete idiot at times, but all is forgiven because he’s one hell of a pilot with a cheeky toothy smile, a devil may care glint in his eye, and an awesome motorbike and leather jacket combo.

Maverick is the one all the guys want to be and all the gals want to be with. Cruise’s nemesis, the Iceman, is played with relish by Val Kilmer. The Iceman believes Tom Cruise is dangerous and poses a sinister threat to his fellow immaculately uniformed pilots and just doesn’t like him in general because he’s “dangerous.”

Things come to a head between the polar opposites during a fierce and frantic bout of beach volleyball, where Maverick and his mustached mate Goose play against the Iceman and his blonde-headed and muscular sidekick who doesn’t really have any discernible identity of his own.

The famous volleyball match in Top Gun is filmed in such a way that it looks like a well put together advert for big male fun. Soundtracked by a song called “Playing with the Boys,” the four guys get competitive, show off their half-naked bodies to one another, and wrestle in the golden sands as they bond over a headlock or two.

Next thing we know, Tom’s best friend Goose dies in a tragic air crash and Maverick becomes more maverick than ever before, making a point of “writing checks his body can’t cash.”

However, all is not lost, and everything is made good before the film’s end when Maverick and the Iceman go into combat together and form a mutual bond of respect through blowing the hell out of things.

In the film’s closing scene, Iceman tenderly tells Maverick that he’s still dangerous, but he can be his wingman anytime. To which Maverick replies, “Bulls**t you can be mine.” They then hug and men everywhere break out in emotional applause.

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Top Gun was always going to be a tough act to follow, and that’s probably why the original has been left unmolested all these years.

Yet all good things come to those who wait. Only trouble is, according to the BBC, the original release date of July 2019 has now been pushed to June 2020.

Apparently, they need the time to get the fighter jet sequences just right.

Yet with both Val Kilmer and Ed Harris returning alongside Tom Cruise, and with Joseph Kosinski at the helm, things still look promising.

Especially in light of the fact that the film is going to have a kind of last gunslinger vibe with Maverick representing the last of a dying breed.

Kosinski explained, “The film will be looking at modern-day warfare and how different the military world is now, compared with when the first film came out.”

“This world has not been explored. It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology, and fifth generation fighters are what the United States Navy is calling the last man-made fighter that we’re actually going to produce.”