Why The Eagles Should Snap Up Newly Free Agent Josh Gordon [Opinion]

Jason MillerGetty Images

It was truly shocking news, even for fans of a sport where anyone can fall at any time. The Cleveland Browns have decided to release Josh Gordon from his contract, making him a free agent that several teams are eager to employ. No one expected the announcement, but it lit up the NFL news outlets anyway. Eagles Wire announced that the star wide receiver was being released from his contract, shortly after the news was posted on Twitter by the Browns official account.

General Manager John Dorsey made a statement in the announcement.

“This afternoon we informed Josh Gordon and his representatives that we are going to release him on Monday,” the statement reads. It goes on to say that they have reached a point where, after six years working together, they feel it’s best to part ways with Gordon, though they wish him well.

Initially, Gordon was dropped from the game against the New Orleans Saints, citing a possible hamstring injury. It was shocking then, when the Browns announced he had been cut on Saturday.

Amidst the waves of shock are floating pockets of rumors as well, rumors discussing Gordon’s lateness to the Browns training camp (he said he wanted to work on his mental health) and speculation that the lateness and other issues are caused by a relapse into abusing marijuana or alcohol. It was also reported that Gordon was late for practice on Saturday, perhaps the reason is as simple as a once reliable player becoming less reliable.

The Philadelphia Eagles are in need of a talented wide receiver like Gordon, and pressures that have plagued him with Cleveland would be nonexistent with the Eagles. In Philadelphia, Gordon would not be the face of the franchise, and thus would not have the immense and enormous pressures that come with such a responsibility.

With the Eagles, he wouldn’t need to carry the team on the field either. His quarterback would be one of the top five in the NFL. The head coach is fully versed in the new school of the NFL, and knows how to deal with it and the players equally well. He would have a solid defense backing him up, and the timing is also right.

If he is released by the Browns on Monday, Gordon will avoid waivers. A bidding war for the wide receiver could thus begin immediately, and maybe the Philadelphia Eagles should be first in line to sign.