New Orleans Saints 53-Man Roster Projection: Teddy Bridgewater Shakes Things Up – Which QBs Stay? [Opinion]

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On the afternoon of Sept. 1, 2018, all NFL teams need to get their rosters down to a mandatory number of 53 players, and that means a lot of cuts are coming. Up until Wednesday of this week, the Saints were looking at possibly keeping Taysom Hill and Tom Savage on their roster as back-ups for Drew Brees. Now, they’ve traded for Teddy Bridgewater and it has completely shaken up how the regular season roster is going to look.

Drew Brees played a total of about one quarter during the preseason, but he was always locked in as the starter for this season. Savage and Hill have played the majority of the time during the preseason, and it was pretty much always between them for the back-up position.

J.T. Barrett has also been in Saints camp, but he has also only played sparingly and was never expected to be a true contender for the number two spot.

Both Savage and Hill showed flashes of brilliance and causes for concern during the preseason, and the race has been quite close leading up to the day of final cuts. Even if Savage had won the number two quarterback position, it was always expected that Hill would stay on the team for Special Teams.

Well, everything has now changed.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Saints made a trade with the New York Jets on Wednesday that landed them quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. With that move, it spells the end of Tom Savage’s short time in New Orleans, as fans can expect him to be among the cut casualties by Saturday.

Once Bridgewater was acquired, many automatically thought that was the way things would go, but the final preseason game on Thursday sealed it. In the Saints 28-0 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, Taysom Hill played the first half and J.T. Barrett played the second half.

Tom Savage never saw the field.

Hill had a very impressive night as he finished with 159 yards and one touchdown on 10-of-17 passing. He also had 31 rushing yards on the night, but he’s not winning the back-up quarterback for the Saints this year. That will belong to Teddy Bridgewater.

Hill will make the 53-man regular season roster, but he will likely be the key guy on Special Teams once again. It wouldn’t be shocking for the Saints to have a set of trick plays involving him as well.

Tom Savage likely won’t be out of a job for long, as there are a number of quarterback-needy teams needing a good back-up, as reported by Saints Wire. If he makes it to Saturday, Savage will be cut, but the Saints could also look to hold onto him and trade him away so they get something in return.

As for the 2018 regular season 53-man roster for the New Orleans Saints, here is where the quarterbacks will fall.

Make It:

  • Drew Brees
  • Teddy Bridgewater
  • Taysom Hill


  • J.T. Barrett
  • Tom Savage

The New Orleans Saints may honestly have the deepest roster in the history of the franchise, and that includes the quarterback position. Once final cuts are made on Saturday, fans can expect Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill to remain in black and gold this season. Tom Savage and J.T. Barrett will be looking for work elsewhere in the NFL, and that’s simply how the business of the game works.