Reasons ‘Shameless’ Can Survive The Loss Of Emmy Rossum [Opinion]

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The thought of any member of the Gallagher family exiting the Shameless cast is a hard pill for fans to swallow. After all, the series is based entirely on the chaos this family both creates and survives. Unfortunately, as Inquisitr reported earlier today, Emmy Rossum is leaving the Shameless cast after Season 9.

People reported many Shameless fans speculated Emmy’s battle for equal pay to match her co-star William H. Macy may have had something to do with the actress officially throwing in the towel. As fans who follow the show know, it was unclear whether Emmy would be returning to play Fiona a few years ago when the actress followed in the footsteps of Robin Wright and Jennifer Lawrence to fight for equal pay. The actress, however, was able to work out a deal with the network and continues to play the role of Fiona.

So, it is a little unclear whether the actress has decided to resign from the role of Fiona because she’s ready to move on to something new or because another pay issue got in the way. Perhaps she became too expensive to keep on the cast with her new pay demands?

The rest of this article may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched Season 8.

Fiona’s role in the family is essential over.

Writing Rossum’s character out of the Shameless cast is a move that makes sense because her role as the head of the family is essentially over. Fiona had moved out of the family house and on with her own business ventures. She had made it clear that she wanted to start living her life and cease taking care of everyone. She passed the responsibility off to her brothers Lip and Ian. So, it isn’t that much of a stretch for her character to be written out completely.

There are plenty other Gallaghers.

Emmy’s character is not necessary for the series to continue. Between the other Gallagher siblings, Macy’s character Frank, as well as Kevin and Veronica – there are plenty of other cast members for the series to continue with a very full plot line.

Moreover, we can’t forget the fact that in the last season little Liam had finally gotten old enough to have a character with a personality and a story to tell.

Shameless UK survived the loss of Fiona.

While some Shameless fans know this and some don’t – Shameless is an adaption of a British television show under the same name. While the series followed the same story line at the very beginning, the U.S. version eventually went down a different story line. One key difference to point out is that Fiona – in the Shameless UK – left the series after Season 2.

Fiona left the series to be with Steve – a decision that Fiona in the U.S. version decided not to make despite being posed with the same question. While Fiona did return to the British version to be part of the finale, the show as able to continue to for 8 additional seasons after her exit with Season 10 as the finale.

Naturally, fans of Emmy’s character Fiona are not thrilled by the news that the actress is leaving. Furthermore, a lot of fans are pretty irate that the news broke instead of finding some exciting way to write her out in the story line. Many also can’t help but fear that Shameless could be ending soon.

Shameless Season 9 premieres on Sunday, September 9.