The Time Is Perfect For WWE To Reunite The Wyatt Family To Feud With The Shield [Opinion]


At SummerSlam on Sunday night, Roman Reigns reached the top by capturing the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar. Then, The Shield reunited on Monday Night Raw to bring back one of the strongest factions ever. As the “Hounds of Justice” returned to keep order in WWE, some other things have fallen into place at just the right time for a reunion of The Wyatt Family and the start of a mega feud.

Throughout history, there have been things that happened which ended up leading to championship runs, heel turns, and superstars being elevated to icon status. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of fate and timing for it to all come together, and that’s exactly what WWE has right now.

The Shield is back and they have already focused their attention on a rather large target in Braun Strowman, as recapped by the official website of WWE. That target happens to possess the Money in the Bank briefcase, which allows him a shot at Roman Reigns’ title whenever he pleases, but Strowman happens to be greatly outnumbered.

Oddly enough, there have been some forces of nature on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live which could bring Strowman some help. Roman Reigns is obviously showing a bit of ego after The Shield attacked the “Monster Among Men” earlier this week.

Not long after tweeting out that cocky warning to the rest of WWE, an old enemy decided to respond.

The tweet that Wyatt retweeted is one from way back in 2014 when The Shield and The Wyatt Family were feuding and had a match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The Wyatts were successful in that match, and fans absolutely loved seeing these two stables collide.

Bray Wyatt is currently between storylines on Raw, as Matt Hardy is taking some time off to deal with injuries. That ends their run as the Deleters of Worlds tag team, which had quite a bit of success and even captured the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Over on SmackDown, Luke Harper lost the tag team titles this week to The New Day, and that title change needed to happen due to an injury to Rowan. Now, the Bludgeon Brothers team is on the shelf again, and Harper has really no direction to go in on Tuesday nights.

All WWE needs to do is come up with a reason for Harper to be traded to or signed by Raw, and that produces storylines for six superstars.

wwe news the shield wyatt family reunion time feud bray roman reigns raw hell in a cell
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If Harper shifts over to Raw, it would provide WWE with the chance to reunite The Wyatt Family and have them feud with The Shield. Strowman would receive the back-up he desperately needs, and it would give Harper and Wyatt new angles to become involved in.

With Hell in a Cell a mere three weeks away, the two stables have a chance coming up very soon to face off. It would also allow for WWE to prolong Strowman’s chase of the Universal Championship and keep that storyline going for a while longer.

In turn, this move would:

  • Provide Strowman with back-up
  • Give Wyatt and Harper something to do
  • Keep Strowman as the strong babyface he has been on WWE television
  • Make The Shield more heel-ish which is what they appear to want

Can you imagine The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield inside the unfriendly confines of Hell in a Cell?

wwe news the shield wyatt family reunion time feud bray roman reigns raw hell in a cell
Featured image credit: WWE

Right now, The Shield is back, and according to Cageside Seats, WWE is giving them the run they were meant to have last year before injuries struck. Now, the “Hounds of Justice” have returned and other things have fallen into place for the comeback of The Wyatt Family, but will it happen? A red-hot feud is staring everyone in the face, but WWE simply needs to jump on board and put it together for the fans.