Edward James Olmos Had His Entire Role Cut From ‘The Predator,’ But It Doesn’t Bother Him [Opinion]

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Edward James Olmos is one of the most talented actors to ever set foot on a movie or TV show set, but things don’t always go as planned for everyone. In March of last year, the talented veteran was cast for a role in The Predator which is set to be released in theaters next month. While many are looking forward to the historic franchise to be brought back to life, they’re going to have to live with Olmos not being in the movie as his entire role has been cut.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Edward James Olmos has been doing the media rounds for Mayans M.C. which is his new show coming to FX. While many are thrilled about that, they were not happy to find out that he won’t be in the horror/sci-fi click any longer.

According to Slash Film, Olmos was going to take on the role of a military character who is a four-star general. Unfortunately, his role had to be cut due to the film running long and it was up to director Shane Black to make the call and take Olmos’ character out of The Predator.

The good thing about this whole thing is that Olmos is completely and totally understanding.

While speaking with Slash Film, Olmos not only explained why he was cut from The Predator but let it be known that there are no hard feelings on his end.

“I’m not in the show though—It was too long so my character, they had to take me out. They were like half an hour, 3/4 of an hour too long. So I understand why. It was gracious of them to call me and tell me, ‘Hey, we really feel bad,’ you know?”

Many movies usually end up leaving a lot of footage on the cutting room floor as they have certain requirements and time constraints they must abide by. Most of the time, an additional scene here or a small build-up segment there can be cut and help the movie get down to the necessary length.

Unfortunately, fans of Edward James Olmos will have to go without seeing him in the film as the cut this time came in his entire role.

At San Diego Comic-Con last month, Shane Black revealed that some reshoots were needed for The Predator and it mostly had to do with fixing the third act, as reported by Collider. Not only were some new scenes needed, but the loss of the character played by Edward James Olmos was obviously necessary as well. There is still great hope for the movie, but it is truly a shame to know that a talent as great as Olmos won’t be in it.