Drake’s InMyFeelings Challenge Proves Darwin Right [Opinion]

It would appear that Drake fans just can’t get enough of him or the hashtag “InMyFeelings” challenge, also known as the Keke challenge. This has become one of the hottest crazes online now, for reasons beyond the comprehension of anyone that values not only their own safety, but the safety of others. It’s gotten so bad that the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a plea asking people to stop trying to do this challenge, which is almost as stupid as the last craze, which was eating Tide Pods. Despite the obvious danger, people can’t wait to try to record themselves taking the InMyFeelings challenge so they can post it online and confirm why the Darwin Awards are a thing.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with what the InMyfeelings challenge is, it is people trying to emulate Drake’s lyrics to that song, as inspired by The Shiggy Show. The Shiggy Show is a New York City street dancer who has found fame on Instagram posting his moves and getting people to do things like the inMyFeelings challenge. While he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, Shiggy has to know that if you put a challenge on the internet asking regular people to do things that can generally only be done by highly trained professionals or stuntmen, there are gonna be problems.

Yet, here we are. This craze has been legitimized by none other than Will Smith, who is being a solid role model by posting a video with the obligatory “don’t try this” warning with which he opens it, saying “This is social media love, this is social media stupidity,” before breaking the law to bust a move. He entered a restricted area atop a bridge while in Budapest to dance on top of it. He admits in the video “this is definitely illegal,” but goes for it anyway. After all, who would emulate a celebrity that is doing something stupid online just because it is some random hashtag challenge? Oh, and he used that warning, saying don’t try this, just to make it more tempting.

But the real Darwin Award winners in this are the people jumping out of cars, trying to jump onto cars, and otherwise being complete idiots risking their lives and those of others so they can try to be recorded laying down a few sick dance moves. For what? So a few people online might look at them and think they are cool for about 10 seconds until something actually cool comes through their feed? That’s pretty much all there is to the whole challenge so far as motivation goes.

And for that, people have broken legs, caused car accidents, chipped and knocked out teeth, broken hands, and endured all nature of self-inflicted bodily harm. All these fails have served to make some funny compilation videos, but that’s about it.

The bottom line is this: just because there is a challenge on the internet doesn’t mean it’s smart to try it. People are getting hurt really badly doing this, as per Blavity, and endangering others who likely have no idea what the challenge is or why someone is jumping out of a moving car. If the car is on fire, by all means jump out. If Boyd Crowder is about to shoot a rocket at your moving car, absolutely jump out of it.

However, if you’re just jumping out of your moving car to bust a move for five seconds of internet infamy, don’t be surprised if you get hurt. Or hurt someone else. Or even get arrested. It’s only a matter of time until someone dies trying to do this, so please, be smart, be safe, and don’t do stupid things that will result in you winning a Darwin Award for being a weak link in the gene pool, it’s not the award you want to win.