Here Are Five Horror Properties Shudder Should Consider Bringing Back [Opinion]

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Shudder is reviving some of horror’s most beloved memories, once believed to be completely dead in terms of possible continuations.

Monstervision has been off the air for so long, most horror film fans had all but given up on the prospect of another Joe Bob Briggs-hosted horror movie marathon. But Shudder showed up in our living rooms with Joe Bob Briggs in July 2018 to give fans The Last Drive-In.

Soon after the Briggs special had an extremely successful debut, Shudder announced a revival of the movie Creepshow, but as a series, instead of a film. The series makes sense to horror fans for two reasons.

The first reason is that the original film was an anthology of five short movies compacted into one feature. The second reason was the announcement that Greg Nicotero would be overseeing creation of the series. With Nicotero being something of a horror effects legend, he seemed like a solid fit for the job, since the passing of original-creator George Romero.

Horror fans are more than satisfied with such unlikely resurrections, but while grateful for the new material, one of the most notable reactions has been the buzz among fans speculating about what Shudder could resurrect next.

Here’s a list of five properties horror fans would love to see come back, either as a movie, or as a television series.

5. Candyman

Candyman had two sequels, but neither were particularly successful and neither were as well-loved as the original. Clive Barker may or may not be game for such an endeavor, but even if not, Tony Todd appears to be in great health and horror fans would love to see him don the long jacket and hook-for-a-hand at least one more time.

4. Chop-Top (From Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 15: Actor Bill Moseley attends the fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards at the Orpheum Theater on October 15, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. The awards will premiere on fuse October 22, 2006. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)Featured image credit: Michael BucknerGetty Images

After Leatherface, Chop-Top seems to be a general fan-favorite among horror fans. If I’m being honest, I love Leatherface, but I personally prefer Chop-Top, as Bill Mosely is just so much fun to watch in virtually every movie he’s in. Chop-Top has something of a cult following, so it’s a little unfair that his presence was reduced to a single film. Give us a movie about Chop-Top. Or his own series as a maniac who went nomad. Do whatever you like with Chop-Top, so long as Bill Mosely is playing him.

For that matter, he’d be a great late-night talkshow host, though we may tire of Iron Butterfly appearing as a musical guest every night.

3. House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie knocked it out of the park on his first two movies, and I’m sure 3 From Hell is going to be great as well, but the Firefly Family’s history could probably be written into a series fairly easily. If Bill Mosely isn’t too busy reprising his role as Chop-Top, I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’d personally love to see Otis’ earlier days as a no-name drifter, and his “Son Of Satan Murders” days, for those who know the back story. Furthermore, what about Captain Spaulding’s backstory? Dr. Satan? There’s a lot to ponder.

2. Tremors

Recently Kevin Bacon was involved in a pilot for a television series for Tremors. It would have been on Syfy, but unfortunately Syfy passed on the project. Shudder could potentially make something beautiful happen with Tremors.

1. Trick ‘r Treat

I could sit here and point out the obvious, detailing how much horror fans love Trick ‘r Treat, but let’s just cut to the chase: we can never have enough anthology horror, and we definitely need more Sam. We’ve been waiting for a sequel for almost ten years. Bring Back Sam!