‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Part 2 First Look At Some Serious Denial [Opinion]

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Southern Charm fans watched part one of what is a technically two-and-a-half part reunion as the drama mounted. The core cast took the stage to chat about the missing cast member, Thomas Ravenel, and glean from the other Charmers what they thought of the legal issues that kept him from the Bravo stage.

PageSix reported on Bravo’s “Thomas Ravenel Problem,” detailing the allegations against the former politician, who served ten months in prison on cocaine charges. Two women have come forward to claim that Ravenel sexually assaulted them in 2015. One of the women, known to Southern Charm fans as Nanny Dawn, worked as a nanny for Ravenel and his then-partner, Kathryn Dennis.

Cast members on last night’s Southern Charm reunion show suggested that Ravenel can be charming, but he has a dark, volatile side. Shep Rose indicated that he believed that Ravenel was 90% a good guy, but there was that 10% which was unpredictable. Cameran Wimberly said she felt duped by some of the information that Ravenel had passed along in previous seasons of the hit Bravo show.

Bravo has now released a preview video for the conclusion of the season 5 reunion which features a segment with Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, who pushed to attend the show even though Ravenel was asked to stay home.

In the first installment of the reunion, Jacobs sat backstage and indicated that she doesn’t get mad she “gets even,” despite the fact that she indicated she was there to apologize for her outbursts this season that Cam called “horrible.” Much of next week’s episode will show many of the core cast members showing pity to Jacobs and concern for her health, which she admits has suffered as a result of appearing on the show.

Despite showing clips in the Bravo video of Jacobs reacting in a jealous manner to Ravenel gushing over Kathryn, she insists it never bothered her, and she’s very secure in their relationship. Season 5 of Southern Charm showed Jacobs complaining to Ravenel’s friends about the state of their relationship and how poorly they were doing, yet in the clip, she claims that they are happy.

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At one point, Andy Cohen asked Jacobs if she thinks Ravenel will be cleared of the rape and sexual assault allegations. She replies,

“Of course, yes. He hasn’t been charged with anything. These are just allegations.”

When Naomie Olindo says she had no problem calling Jacobs a “high-end escort,” she was met with a scolding.

“That’s disgusting! Shame on you!”

At another point, each cast member tells her she is in denial and lying to herself. For a moment she seems to see their concern.

“Is this an intervention?”

But the moment passes, and Jacobs comments on Dennis’ parenting, suggesting that she is not interested in her own children.

It’s safe to say that next week will be super stressful.

Part two of the Southern Charm reunion will air on Thursday night, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.