The Turning Point When Melania Trump Put That Godawful Jacket Behind Her [Opinion]

Luca BrunoGetty Images

There’s no mistaking that the current first lady of the United States and wife of President Donald Trump can channel Jackie O like no one else. Melania Trump, a former model, is the ultimate mannequin in that way. Plus, she’s often standing a few inches taller than her husband and world leaders when she is photographed beside them (especially when she’s wearing heels). She’s a statuesque fashion icon with impeccable taste in couture.

That’s why it’s all the more puzzling that she broke her fashionable winning streak to wear that dreadful jacket. You know the one; it’s the infamous one that reads “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” scrawled on the back.

Melania donned that jacket when she boarded an Air Force plane that was destined to take her to visit an immigrant children’s shelter at the U.S./Mexico border in Texas. The ensemble was ill-timed and unforgettable, but in the worst way. It’s the jacket where, as the Washington Post put it, the first lady lost credibility.

“Her credibility as a moderating force, a gracious presence swathed in silk and lace, has been significantly undermined by her own hand. All it took was a $39 olive-drab jacket.”

The jacket was a serious misstep, and Melania Trump was savaged in the media for it. It was just the wrong thing to wear when you consider the controversy and insensitive nature of the separation of migrant children from their families as a result of her husband’s “zero tolerance” policy. Anyone hearing about the first lady wearing that piece of fabric probably groaned outright or to themselves, including her advisers, who may even have palm-slapped their foreheads for good measure.

However, it seems like the first lady is moving past the controversy of the offending garment by focusing on better wardrobe choices. During Melania and Donald Trump’s first official visit to the U.K., she was often photographed looking alternatively classy, chic and ethereally lovely.

Here are a few of the highlights where the first lady seems to truly be giving her best to put the past behind her, while dressing to impress during the trip.

1. The Royal Hospital In Chelsea

Melania Trump at the Royal Hospital Chelsea
Featured image credit: Andrea HanksThe White House

While her presidential hubby Donald Trump worked holding bi-lateral discussions with British Prime Minister Theresa May on July 13, Melania Trump commemorated Remembrance Day by making poppies with schoolkids and the Chelsea Pensioners at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, reports the BBC. Melania seemed to be a hit with both groups and was a breath of fresh air in a multicolored, sleeveless dress designed by Victoria Beckham. She topped the look off with flesh-tone stilettos.

2. Meeting Queen Elizabeth

Melania Trump Donald Trump Queen Elizabeth
Featured image credit: Chris JacksonGetty Images

The president and Melania Trump met the gracious Queen Elizabeth II at her Berkshire residence on Friday, reports People. The president and the first lady then ventured inside Windsor castle with the monarch for some conversation and to partake in the time-honored British tradition of drinking tea. Melania and the queen both looked lovely in their respective suits, and Melania channeled a little American Camelot by rocking a cream Dior dress suit that would even have made Jackie Kennedy proud.

3. The State Dinner

Melania and Donald Trump
Featured image credit: Andrea HanksThe White House

Kate Middleton made headlines for the yellow dress she wore to Wimbledon on Sunday, according to the Inquisitr. Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge was thinking about a certain formal and floaty garment that Melania Trump wore when figuring out what to wear. The one we mean is the candlelight yellow gown made by designer J. Mendel that the first lady wore when she attended the state dinner at Blenheim Palace. According to Today, some users on social media said that Melania Trump was sending out vibes as Belle from the Beauty and the Beast with her princess-inspired off-the-shoulder gown.

4. Scotland

The POTUS and the First Lady in Scotland
Featured image credit: Jeff J. MitchellGetty Images

After concluding the flurry of activities during their stay in Great Britain, President Trump and Melania jetted to Scotland in Air Force One, according to Yahoo. The presidential aircraft landed at Prestwick airport Friday evening, where Donald Trump departed the plane in a no frills suit and tie. Melania Trump, on the other hand, sported a neutral and classy ensenmble that included a jacket and Capri pants. She accessorized the outfit with a Hermes scarf, large Birkin bag, and huge shades.

So if you think that nothing that Melania Trump matters after wearing the dreaded jacket, I beg to differ. It was a huge mistake, but let’s choose to forgive and watch what she has in store for us in the way of style in the future.