Indianapolis Colts 2018 NFL Training Camp Profile: QB Andrew Luck [Opinion]

Andy LyonsGetty Images

Andrew Luck is heading into the most important season of his football career after missing all of 2017 with a shoulder injury. He has rehabbed hard and is ready to make his return to the field. Add in the fact that the Indianapolis Colts have a new head coach in former Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator Frank Reich, and things are going to be interesting for Luck this season.

Chris Ballard did his best to beef up the offensive line around Luck. He drafted Quenton Nelson with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, as broke down, and also signed Matt Slauson.

That being said, everything will be on Luck to prove that he is still capable of being a franchise quarterback. He has received quite a few criticisms over the last year and many don’t think he will be able to stay healthy. Some even went as far as to call the shoulder injury something that will end his career.

With NFL training camp coming up, let’s take a deeper look at Luck and what fans should expect.

2017 Season Review

As we already touched on, Luck was forced to miss the entire 2017 NFL season due to a shoulder injury. There was hope early on in the year that he would be able to return, but that never happened.

While Luck is throwing footballs again and is ready to return to the field, there are still some that remember last year and are worried about him. Luck also suffered from multiple injury issues in 2015 and only played in seven regular season games that season.

Indianapolis has not allowed themselves to get tied up in all the panic that the media has put out there. They are still confident in Luck’s ability to be their long-term starter.

2018 Season Outlook

Quite a few Colts’ fans simply cannot wait to see what the 2018 season has in store for Luck. They are hoping that he is able to break out and prove that he is still an elite NFL quarterback. For those fans who are hoping for that break out, Luck will be able to provide exactly what they want.

Reich is going to open up different areas of the game that Luck was unable to take advantage of during Chuck Pagano’s time with the Colts. He will be put in situations where he can play to his top potential.

Shoulder injuries are always scary for quarterbacks, but Luck is back. He has worked hard and his throwing motion looks fine. It’s time to stop spreading panic about Luck and realize that he is going to be the starter for the Colts this season.

Training Camp Projection

Luck is not going to be forced into action too quickly. He will receive reps as the starting quarterback, but the Colts may choose to hold him out of some normal work that he would receive if he had been healthy last season. Indianapolis will move forward cautiously with Luck, but there is no reason to worry about the quarterback missing time this season.