Trump Says ‘Washington Post’ And ‘New York Times’ Will Soon Be Out Of Business [Opinion]

It is no secret that President Donald Trump lashes out at the press every chance he gets, unless of course it’s Fox News. He is no fan of the Washington Post and the New York Times. Since he was on the campaign trail, he has continually taken potshots at both, referring to them as “failing,” “sad,” and most often as “fake news.” It doesn’t help that Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos owns the Post, and happens to be on Trump’s hit list of bad guys for reasons that only Trump seems to know.

As of late, the press has been particularly critical of Trump. Most of that has to do with the Maryland newsroom shooting at the Capital Gazette, which many maintain is a symptom of Trump’s continual rants against the press corps. It also hasn’t helped his case any that he is still insisting that any news that comes from an “inside source,” an “anonymous source,” or any source that doesn’t want their real name attached to whatever they are speaking on, is automatically fake news.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Trump himself has been an anonymous source for news on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be so hypocritical and irritating to reporters. Furthermore, telling his base supporters things such as 75 percent of reporters are liars and bad people, as seen on Mic, really doesn’t endear him to anyone.

While Trump regularly speaks in terms of any person or business he doesn’t like as failing and going down, when it comes to his latest claim regarding the Times and Post, it really makes no sense. For one, why in seven years? Does he have information no one else does? And why those two papers in particular, aside from his dislike for them? As was reported on AOL, each is actually financially stronger than they were just a few years ago. Print editions are still selling, and digital subscriptions are on the rise. Plus, Bezos can fund the Post without batting an eye, even if it didn’t make a penny, and for a lot longer than seven years.

Whatever Trump says, with or without proof, and with or without logic, the press will be there to shine a light on it and try to present the public with the truth. In this case, the press has told Trump’s story, but cannot find any corroborating evidence to his assertion the two publishing giants are on their way out. This is seemingly another case of a game where Trump says something, and journalists debunk it. Perhaps the relationship between Trump and the press can best be summed up by a statement from the Capitol Gazette who swung for the fences and connected.

“We won’t forget being called an enemy of the people. No, we won’t forget that. Because exposing evil, shining light on wrongs and fighting injustice is what we do.”