NBC’s Canceled Time-Travel Series ‘Timeless’ Deserves A Wrap-Up Movie [Opinion]

Evan AgostiniInvision/AP

Sunday nights used to belong to Timeless, the perfect show to sit down with your family and watch history unfold. With its time-travel premise, it brought real people like abolitionist/political activist Harriet Tubman, a young John F. Kennedy, and many others to life. It revisited the crashing of the Hindenburg, the woman’s suffrage movement, and the day Regan was shot, making these events accessible for a younger generation. It provided fodder for the family to then talk about around the dinner table. In short, it was everything you could want from a TV show.

It had a multi-cultural cast, sharp writing, fantastic acting, and terrific production values that felt like it was a labor of love on everyone’s part. It made you think. It made you research because you wanted to learn more about the subject covered that night. Each episode in Season 2 built off the previous one until the two-hour finale that was a roller coaster from beginning to end. So good were these two action-packed (and emotionally resonating) hours that it actually topped TVLine’s list of the 35 best finales for the entire 2017-2018 season, as it should have!

The pressure was on because NBC had said it would wait to see what happened with the finale before deciding the show’s fate. Not only that, the show’s cast joined fans on Twitter to talk about it for those two hours and it was a giant lovefest, with the show’s hashtags like #SaveTimeless and #Clockblockers (what online fans call themselves) trending, according to Bustle.

But as fans and the show’s staff alike waited for news about a renewal, no word came. For weeks. Meanwhile, the show’s writing staff and actors continued to reward fans for their faith in the show. First, the writers’ official Twitter came up with prizes for retweets and likes to keep the momentum going. Deleted scenes from over the two seasons were unearthed and shared if the target number was reached, which it usually was far sooner than they had anticipated. That’s because Twitter loves this show. And when they ran out of deleted scenes, they started sharing script pages. It was the little show that could, having found new life when it has been canceled after its first season. It miraculously got a reprieve, because of fan support, and that next season was even better.

Unfortunately, almost two months after it was supposed to render a verdict, NBC revealed late on a Friday (probably worried about how fans would take it) that it was canceling this incredible show, but they dangled the possibility that if fans showed enough interst, perhaps they would allow for a two-hour wrap-up movie. This is necessary because the finale killed off one of its main characters. NBC has to do this movie. They have to allow future Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Future Lucy (Abigail Spencer) to save Rufus (Malcolm Barrett). Rufus deserves it. The show deserves it. And the fans really deserve it.