NBA Super Teams Have Disrupted The League, And That’s A Good Thing [Opinion]

Justin K. AllerGetty Images

Over the last four seasons, the NBA has seen the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers face off in the NBA Finals. It has begun annoying some fans who would like to see a different matchup. The words “super team” have been mentioned a lot when talking about the Warriors and many fans are tired of it.

The Super League posted an excellent article about why the “super team” era has destroyed the NBA. We are going to take a look at why that is not true and why fans should be a bit more patient.

Despite the popular belief that “super teams” are bad for the league, they are actually going to end up being a very good thing. For those who don’t believe that, bare with us as we take a look at the future of the league.

Up until the Boston Celtics put together Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo, a “super team” wasn’t something that fans usually saw. Since then, LeBron James went to Miami to form a “Big Three” with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and the Warriors came together to form their own super team.

While the Warriors have won three titles in four years, there are good things that their super team has forced the rest of the league to do. Now, teams are trying to build super team rosters to combat the Warriors.

Let’s take a look at the Houston Rockets. Chris Paul was acquired last offseason from the Los Angeles Clippers to pair with James Harden in an attempt to compete with the Warriors. Houston took Golden State to seven games in the Western Conference Finals, but ended up losing.

LeBron, who is heading into free agency this offseason, lost Kyrie Irving last offseason. That move set up a very rough 2017-18 season for the Cavaliers. It shows the importance of teams finding ways to keep their core stars and add talent around them.

How are those things positive for the league? As teams continue to realize what it will take to beat a super team, they will find ways to create their own. Obviously, not every team will be able to create a super team, but stars will be looking to head to different places that can afford to bring players in that they want to play with.

Big markets are certainly still the most likely places for this to play out, but plenty of small market teams can make moves in free agency if they can promise a star that they can bring in another star or two along with them.

We are still very early in the super team process. Very few teams have had the opportunity to make their changes to combat the Warriors. While it may look like the super team epidemic will harm the NBA, it will actually make teams much more competitive as they get more aggressive each offseason trying to build a contender that can beat the top super teams from the year before.

Outside of this season, how many fans have not enjoyed watching James and the Cavaliers go up against the Warriors? The previous three seasons have offered fans some high-caliber star power in the NBA Finals. It is only a matter of time before other teams are able to beat a team like the Warriors and prove that they are the top super team in the NBA.

At this point in time, the league cannot change the direction. The era of the super team is going nowhere and teams will have to climb on the bandwagon in order to compete. In some ways, it changes the game and some fans will think it hurts the league, but as teams begin to understand the new way the league will run, competition throughout the NBA will once again return.

Expect to see more teams find ways to put teams together that can compete for a Finals appearance. Over the next few offseasons, the NBA will get back to being a much more competitive league that will bring back the fans who have left over a super team being formed like the Warriors.