‘One Piece’ Chapter 908 Predictions: 3 Pirates Who Could Be The Topic Of Shanks-Gorosei Meeting [Opinion]

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The latest chapter of One Piece, which is currently available at manga websites like Mangastream, has featured some scenes that left fans with a cliffhanger, including the surprise meeting of Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, and the Five Elders, also known as Gorosei, who hold the highest authority in the World Government. Despite the known hatred between the pirates and the World Government, the Gorosei decided to grant Shanks’ request to have a discussion as a sign of respect.

In the final page of One Piece Chapter 907, Shanks, with a serious face, told the Five Elders that he wants to talk about a “certain pirate.” With few days left before the official release of One Piece Chapter 908, fans can’t help themselves but make their own prediction regarding the pirate who could be the main topic of the meeting between Shanks and the Five Elders.

Marshall D. Teach AKA Emperor Blackbeard

Blackbeard is currently a growing threat in the New World, especially after he became one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. He gathered some of the most dangerous criminals in the world to be part of his crew, and his latest ally is the former Navy Admiral Aokiji. As of now, there is no doubt that Blackbeard is one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Shanks possessed a strong hatred for Blackbeard. For those who do not know, Teach is the one who gave Shanks the scar on his face. Shanks must be planning to inform the Gorosei how dangerous Blackbeard is, his involvement in the underworld, and his plan to destroy the world.

Monkey D. Luffy AKA Strawhat

After the One Piece Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy got the title as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea and the bounty of 1.5 billion berries. Shanks learned about the news, and right now, he must also be informed about the plan of Big Mom and Kaido to take down Luffy. Shanks must be concerned about the huge threat in Luffy’s life, and he could ask the Five Elders to give him a hand.

Unfortunately, such a scenario is less likely to happen. Since he became a pirate, Luffy has been considered as one of the mortal enemies of the World Government. As of now, it remains questionable if the Five Elders could say something positive about Luffy, knowing the fact that he also holds the will of the “D.”

Captain Of Rocks Pirates

In One Piece Chapter 907, the Marines were having a conversation about the Rocks Pirates, who was a prominent group 40 years ago. Monkey D. Garp, who became the Hero of the Marines after clashing with the Rocks Pirates, said that they will be a huge threat if they return to action. There are speculations that Big Mom and Kaido were former members of the Rocks Pirates.

Though Hina said that they’ve lost their captain, there is no official confirmation whether he is already dead or still alive. Shanks must have some information about the Rocks Pirates’ captain that he wants to personally discuss with the Five Elders.