Fans Try To Stay Strong, But Has Time Run Out For ‘Timeless’ Renewal? [Opinion]

Justin LubinNBC

If you’re a fan of NBC’s Timeless, then you probably know that it is one of the few television shows left that doesn’t know its fate for next season. The time-travel show has been on the bubble and execs had said that they would make a decision shortly after the show’s second season finale on May 13. Except that it’s now June 4, and there is still no answer. In an attempt to gain that renewal, the show’s execs turned to social media and asked fans to show the network they deserved another shot.

After all, the show was cancelled after its freshman year and only returned after fan outcry demanded another season. It was a shortened one, with every episode seemingly more outstanding than the one prior. So when the two-hour finale aired, there was indeed a storm on Twitter — and fans of the show were joined by the stars themselves.

Regulars Matt Lanter (Wyatt), Abigail Spencer (Lucy), Malcolm Barrett (Rufus), Goran Visnjic (Flynn), and many others including the writers started tweeting along with the fans, making the show the No. 1 trending hashtag a few times during the night. Also, celebrity fans like William Shatner, Kelly Clarkson, and Leslie Jones lent their star power to the cause. But it didn’t stop there. The writing team asked that fans continue to show their love for the show and actors and staff alike began retweeting fans’ devoted posts.

“As we all wait on a #RenewTimeless decision, we’re toying with releasing some deleted scenes from the first two seasons for your enjoyment. 5,000 Likes and 2,500 retweets of this tweet will unlock the first one. Also: Let’s get #RenewTimeless trending!” That was sent out by the official Twitter account of the writers’ room for the show and the fans made those numbers in record time. They kept on doing it, so every day brought a new deleted scene — and still, no answer came from NBC about a renewal.

This went on until they ran out of deleted scenes to share with the fans. Next, the show decided the new fun thing would be to release script pages, which they have. Fans have created memes, manipulated pictures — with a particularly funny one showing a picture of Spencer, who attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, saying she was there to keep them safe from Rittenhouse, the overreaching villain of the show (see below). But it feels like time is running out.

What is NBC waiting on? Could they be shopping the prestigious show to some of its sister cable channels? Could a deal be in the works for it to be picked up by Hulu? The show has an extremely dedicated and motivated fandom who are willing to do whatever is asked of them to save this show — but leaving them hanging feels cruel. Perhaps Rittenhouse has infiltrated NBC as well?