The Most Epic E3 Predictions For 2018 – The Last of Us 2, N64 Classic, Fortnite On Switch? [Opinion]

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With over 1 million viewers watching some of the conferences on Twitch – according to MSPower – and likely just as many watching other streaming sources at the same time, there’s very little argument over the fact that E3 has become the must-see gaming spectacle of the year.

Taking place over a three-day span this year, from June 12 to June 14, E3 is like Christmas for hardcore gamers and casuals alike. The air is electric with activity, booths pulsing with music as players take turns sampling the latest titles before they are even released to the general public.

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Will we see Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch? There seems to be a bit of a buzz developing surrounding the idea and it seems well within the realm of possibility. With Fortnite having taken the world by storm – PCGamer reporting that there are likely between 3 and 5 million concurrent players during peak times, outpacing PUBG – and the game being relatively family friendly with cartoonish visuals, Nintendo seems in prime position to capitalize. The Switch software library is still being fleshed out and could use a real shot in the arm by hosting the hottest battle-royale game going.

The Last of Us 2 is one of the games that genre fans have been waiting for since the immense success of the first, according to TechRadar. With a haunting, emotional storyline and insanely thrilling gameplay focusing on survival during an apocalypse and beyond, The Last of Us 2 will easily sell millions of pieces of software upon release and more than a million eyes will be watching for it this June during the expo. Keep the tissues handy, it’s about to get really dusty in living rooms worldwide.

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Halo 6 is widely expected to be ushered in by the fine folks at Microsoft this year during E3. The green brand has confirmed as much in many ways, stating that the next journey for Master Chief will also feature split-screen play. Will Halo 6 offer a battle-royale mode? This is a question that has begun to pop up more frequently and could end up being big if true. Either way the high-fidelity, high-action Halo series is a fan-favorite that never ceases to press the technical envelope of what precisely is possible for console FPS titles.

Bethesda is likely to make a showing, not just to give us all a bit more info on Fallout 76 and something to do with The Elder Scroll series, but also potentially to give gamers a glimpse of hell in the form of Doom 2. The first game that successfully rebooted the brutal IP after years of repose, Doom was a devilish romp that impressed both the gaming press and gamers themselves.

The N64 Classic is perhaps the most anticipated hardware believed to be hitting store shelves this year. Following in the fine tradition of earlier retro-inspired Nintendo releases such as the NES and SNES Classic, demand from the public for the next cartridge-based console in the chain has high, refusing to abate. It would be extremely surprising to see Nintendo escape the entire conference without at least acknowledging this, and it is more than even odds that the big N will be dropping some big news, along with a release date, for the Nintendo 64 classic.

A veritable Mecca for fans of every franchise from Halo to Uncharted, Final Fantasy to Dragon Age, E3 always aims to please and rarely fails to deliver at least one monster surprise. Last year we got to see our first glimpse of Anthem, an open-world sci-fi beauty, as well as the hotly anticipated Shadow of the Colossus, a PS4 exclusive that sold very well at a reduced price point.

So, set your Twitch timers or YouTube reminders for those three days of digital heaven, sit back, and enjoy the show and the speculation before, during, and after!