Fantasy Football 2018: Ranking The Top Five PPR Running Backs [Opinion]

Harry HowGetty Images

Fantasy Football 2018 is already beginning to heat up as owners prepare for their drafts. Scouting has already begun and draft strategies are already being created. Looking ahead at the upcoming NFL season, there are going to be quite a few intriguing players for fantasy owners to consider drafting this year.

Simply looking at the running back position alone, there are quite a few different strategies that fantasy players could consider using.

For those of you who are playing in a fantasy football league that has PPR scoring, the method to your madness is even more different. At times, you will end up taking a dual-threat running back over a back that many view is one of the best workhorses in the entire league.

All of that being said, who are the top five PPR running backs heading into the 2018 season? We have those answers for you!

5. Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers

Whether it is due to him playing in San Diego or simply not being talked about as a superstar, Melvin Gordon seems to fly under the radar for most NFL fans and fantasy owners. Last season with the Chargers, Gordon carried the football 284 times for 1,105 yards and eight touchdowns while also catching 58 passes for 476 yards and four touchdowns. Gordon is projected to have another big season in 2018 and should be a target in PPR leagues.

4. Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

As a rookie in 2017, Kareem Hunt broke out onto the scene for Kansas City. He racked up 1,327 yards on the ground to go along with eight touchdowns and also caught 53 passes for 455 yards and three touchdowns. Now that the Chiefs have moved on from Alex Smith, there is a good chance that Hunt will be given an even bigger role in 2018.

3. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara may be listed at No. 3 on this list, but he has the potential to jump all the way to No. 1 depending on what kind of season he has. He was also a rookie in 2017 and totaled 728 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground to go along with 81 receptions for 826 yards and five touchdowns. New Orleans was already expected to give him a bigger role in 2018, which increases his fantasy value dramatically.

2. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

There are very few fans and analysts who would disagree with Le’Veon Bell being the No. 2 dual-threat back in the NFL. As a PPR running back, Bell is dominant and showed just why again in 2017 with 1,291 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground, while also chipping in 85 receptions for 655 yards and two touchdowns. Bell is one of the best fantasy players in the league and is a must-draft talent in PPR leagues.

1. Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams

Finally, Todd Gurley deserves the No. 1 spot on this list after the season that he put up with the Rams in 2017. He recorded 1,305 yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground and also racked up 64 receptions for 788 yards and six touchdowns. As long as he is playing in Sean McVay’s offense, Gurley is going to be one of the top PPR running backs in the league.