Some Parents Are Turning To Homeschooling To Save Their Children From School Shootings [Opinion]

You hear about it and read about it all too often – breaking news: another school shooting. Teacher and children left injured or dead. Even though it continues to happen more and more often, it is always shocking news to hear.

The most recent school shooting happened at Santa Fe High School where 10 students were killed. It’s hard to look the other way and drop your child off at school hoping that the unthinkable won’t occur when you’re at work. In fact, a 17-year old student from Santa Fe High School told reporters she wasn’t that surprised a shooting happened at her school because of how common school shootings are, according to Fatherly.

“It’s been happening everywhere. I always kind of felt like eventually, it was going to happen here, too. I wasn’t surprised, I was just scared.”

It’s unfortunate that it has become the norm for children – and parents – to just accept school shootings as a risk of going to school. It is unfortunate that we live in a world that thinks this is okay. It is saddening that when you drop your kids off at school and you surrender to the idea that they might not be there when it’s time to pick them up.

Would children be safer if they were homeschooled instead of attending public school with other children? A lot of parents are starting to think so. Homeschooling has always been a happy alternative for parents who didn’t like public schooling, for parents who feared bullying at school, or for parents who just preferred homeschooling. It, however, is now something some parents are viewing as “safer” than public schooling.

While homeschooling isn’t going to solve every problem in the U.S., it certainly is reasonable for a parent to think their child will never be a victim of a school shooting if they are homeschooled. Families could homeschool their kids until tighter gun control laws were achieved, and they felt safe to let their children out of their sight again.

This isn’t even a new idea. Obama’s former Education Secretary tweeted that parents should boycott the schools until stricter gun laws happen, AOL News reminds us. Peter Cunningham, Obama’s former Assistant Secretary of Education first mentioned the idea.

Sadly, like all the other school shootings that have occurred this year (22 in 2018 alone, according to CNN), the Santa Fe shooting probably won’t get us any closer to gun control and keeping our children safe.

The question is why? At one point in time, is something going to change so school shootings stop making headlines on a semi-regular basis? How many more lives have to be taken?

Children have enough to worry about with growing up, trying to get good grades, making friends, avoiding the common bully, and making decisions that shape their lives. They shouldn’t have to go to school waiting to hear a gunshot and hoping that today won’t be their last.