‘One Piece’ Chapter 905 Predictions: Will Luffy Fight Alongside Dragon In The Upcoming War? [Opinion]

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The latest chapter of One Piece revealed the plan of Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionary army to declare war against the Celestial Dragons. The most dangerous man in the world made the announcement two days before the Reverie, and the news is expected to spread worldwide. With the clash between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government happening soon, will Luffy come to help his biological father?

After Luffy defeated Donquixote Doflamingo and set Dressrosa free, Dragon ordered Koala to summon all the leaders of the Revolutionary Army all around the world. From that time, it was already hinted that Dragon was planning to make a major move. In One Piece Chapter 904, Dragon and Sabo were talking about declaring war against the Celestial Dragons.

As of now, they are waiting for all their allies at Momoiro Island at the Kamabakka Kingdom which serves as their new headquarters after Baltigo was destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda already revealed the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army: Morley (West Army Commander), Belo Betty (East Army Commander), Lindbergh (South Army Commander), and Karasu (North Army Commander). Fans were already given the opportunity to see how powerful the four commanders are with how they easily defeated Peachbeard, Blackbeard’s subordinate.

The clash between the Revolutionary and the World Government will be the next big war in One Piece since the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies tried to save Portgas D. Ace from being executed at Marineford. Aside from the Marines and the Seven Warlords of the Seas, Cipher Pol and the Gorosei are also expected to be involved. It’s interesting to know what will be Luffy’s reaction once he learns his father will go to war. Luffy has the reason to help his father since he also considers the Celestial Dragons as his enemies.

However, if Luffy will ever participate in the war again, it’s not because of Dragon, but to help his sworn brother, Sabo. Though Sabo is believed to be very powerful, the Strawhat Pirates captain will surely not allow another brother to die in the hands of the World Government. Once Luffy decides to help the Revolutionary Army, the Strawhat Pirates Grand fleet could also come to his aid.

One Piece Chapter 905 is expected to give more information about Dragon’s plan, and it could also feature the start of the Reverie.