Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ Review: Get Ready For A Gripping, Binge-Worthy Post-Apocalyptic Drama [Opinion]

Per ArnesenNetflix

For fans that have only just discovered the delights of Netflix’s foreign series like 3% and are looking for something new now that they have binged on Season 2, put aside a chunk of time because The Rain will hook you from the beginning.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia, The Rain opens with the sudden cataclysmic event that sees the rain laden with a deadly virus. Before the rain falls, Simone (Alba August) is whisked away from high school by her panicked father who seems to know more than anyone else about the event that is about to unfold.

Confused and argumentative, regardless, Simone goes with her father and they escape with her mother and brother, Rasmus (Lucas Lynggard Tonnesen). However, a car crash sees them having to flee on foot as the rain begins to fall. Luckily, Simone’s father knows of a top-secret bunker nearby, and Simone and Rasmus end up living there for the next six years as the world dies around them in the first episode of Netflix’s The Rain. Simone is tasked with protecting her brother after her father tells her that he is the key to fixing the virus now spreading.

While The Rain is highly addictive, with the first episode seamlessly captivating the audience into the world of Simone and Rasmus and their life in the bunker, there are moments when these siblings are frustrating in their decision making. At times, the viewer will find themselves struggling to like these children early on as they do things that put others at risk. However, against the odds, the children manage to get under your skin and by the end of Episode 1 of The Rain, you will be desperate to follow their story further.

Netflix's 'The Rain,'post-apocalyptic
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Episode 1 of The Rain then shows the children settling into their life in the sterile bunker and viewers will find, by episode end, that they have no choice but to tune into Episode 2.

And, it is here that the story really takes off. Finding themselves thrust into the outside world, Simone and Rasmus struggle to survive. Once again in Netflix’s The Rain, they have issues with conforming to the world around them as they meet new people and learn about how dangerous the world still is six years on. In fact, stepping into a puddle can literally be the death of you now!

For those who love atmospheric dramas, The Rain does hold a certain sense of doom and dread. The gorgeous Scandinavian landscape does well to help set the mood with its lush forests and the ever-present threat of rain.

For those who are concerned The Rain might be a family-friendly take on the post-apocalyptic genre, have no fear. As Digital Spy points out, this new Netflix series is not a “family-friendly take on The Walking Dead.” However, considering the Netflix series does seem to be aiming for a young adult audience, at times, the omnipresent dread seems less chilling and more somber in its delivery.

However, The Rain will not disappoint those who like their Netflix series to be of the binge-worthy variety.

The Rain premieres globally on Netflix on May 4. You can view the trailer below.