Making The Case For Dez Bryant To Sign With The Green Bay Packers [Opinion]

Tom PenningtonGetty Images

Brian Gutekunst and the Green Bay Packers have been busy this offseason. After years of standing pat in free agency with Ted Thompson running the show, the Packers’ new general manager promised to be more aggressive. He has not disappointed, although some of his moves have not been incredibly popular.

To start off free agency, Gutekunst was able to convince Jimmy Graham to join Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ lethal offense. Next up, the Packers were able to sign former superstar defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson. Finally, Tramon Williams agreed to a deal to return to Green Bay.

Unfortunately, in order to afford those moves, the Packers were forced to release longtime star wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Every single Packers’ fan loved Nelson, and it was a very unpopular move. While it always hurts to lose a fan favorite, the Packers made a move that they feel will help them compete for another ring.

Rumors have been flying that Rodgers is frustrated with the Packers, as Yahoo! Sports originally reported. Despite the panic that ensued after that report was released, Rodgers helped everyone relax with his comments soon after, stating that he is still very interested in getting a contract extension done with the Packers.

“Obviously we’d like to lock something in at some point,” Rodgers said via “The team has made that public knowledge, they’d love to do that. I’ve said many times I’d love to finish my career here. There’s more than mutual interest on both sides.”

Now, there are questions about what the Packers will do throughout the remainder of the offseason and the 2018 NFL Draft. There is also a chance that the Packers could still pursue a free agent.

Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys after what have been a few years of disappointing production. Missing the playoffs last season seemed like the last straw for the Cowboys, and now Bryant is looking for a new home. Green Bay has been connected to the former superstar wide receiver, and it certainly seems like a match made in heaven.

During an interview with 247 Sports, Bryant talked about playing for the Packers but said that it “wouldn’t seem right” due to too much history. He is obviously referring to the “Did Dez catch it” moment that the Packers and Cowboys had just a few short years ago.

Despite Bryant’s comments, there is still a case to be made for why he should reconsider and sign with the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers

First and foremost, Aaron Rodgers is the reason that Bryant should sign with the Packers to begin the next chapter of his career. He has had three straight seasons with lower production than desired and playing with Rodgers could be exactly what he needs to get his superstar status back. Playing with Tony Romo and Dak Prescott isn’t bad, but Rodgers would be a whole new level of quarterback for Dez.

Dez Bryant Wants To Win

Since being released, Bryant has made it clear that he wants to win wherever the next step of his career takes him. If there is one franchise that has been known for winning, it is the Packers. Having the best quarterback in the game and an improving team on both sides of the ball seems like a good fit for Bryant.

Dez Wants to Stick It To The Cowboys

Another simple reason is that Bryant has stated that he wants revenge on the Cowboys, even going so far as to say that he wants to stay in the NFC East to play them twice per season. Green Bay may not play the Cowboys in the regular season, but simply seeing him in green and gold would drive Dallas crazy. The Packers have become a bitter rival of the Cowboys, and it would certainly be a good way to stick it to Jerry Jones and company.

Cementing His Legacy

Granted, Dez Bryant isn’t one of the top wide receivers in NFL history, but he is a superstar that put together an impressive career. Playing for “America’s Team” was special for Bryant, and he could take his legacy to the next level by heading to “Titletown” to play for the Packers. Cementing himself once again as a superstar at Lambeau Field would take his career back to extreme heights.

All of that being said, Bryant may not be considering the Packers. No reports have come out about which teams he is considering or which teams are showing interest in him. He may not pick the Packers, but there are plenty of reasons to prove that he should strongly consider teaming up with Rodgers.